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Why is style important?

It’s a question I’m sure many people have when they first find information on clothing or fashion.

But, to answer this, we must first answer the question…


What is style? (HINT: IT’S NOT FASHION)

a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.


As this definition states, style is regarded as the ‘distinctive appearance’ of something: the clothes you wear, and the way you style your hair.

It’s different from fashion in that it’s more rigid, and changes less frequently.

To add to this, it’s much more than just the way you look.

It’s your mind set, values, and the way you act.

In this article, I will dive into the importance of style by outlining the top 5 benefits of being stylish.


The Importance of Style

We can divide the benefits of style, and their area of influence, into a Venn-diagram: 


Why both being stylish - Venn diagram of the benefits.



Increased Confidence


The anti-confidence is insecurity.


In pursuit of a stylish personal image – good hair, clothing, skin, physique etc – a person usually ends up addressing any insecurities they may have.


They’re insecure from stained teeth? They get teeth whitening.

They’re insecure by being overweight? They lose the pounds.


They are a person of action.


And this action does two things:

  • Empowers you – that thing you hated is gone. You no longer have to worry about it.
  • Tells other people that you take care of yourself.


Both of these things change your mind set, and increase your confidence.



Empowers You

You are most empowered when you get rid of something you dislike, and allow your mind to be elsewhere, away from your insecurity.


The problem you once had is now a non-issue, and you have more time to focus on the things that are important.


Even if you improve your appearance by a way that wasn’t an insecurity before, you will still be empowered by the fact that you look damn good.



Tells Other People That you Take Care of  Yourself


It’s true that you will always need other people to think of you positively: your interviewer, your boss, your colleagues, your spouse, your children.


And it’s also true that others take notice of style – this is advantageous: any positive physical change weakens negative views that other people may have about you.


Think of it this way.


Assume you have independently worked on building your confidence, in a way other than improving your style.

You arrive at work with an unchanged appearance, so people perceive your new found confidence as out of the ordinary. Your physical and mental state are incongruous.

Conversely, you arrive at work in a fresh new suit, and with a sharp new haircut. There is a noticeable shift in your appearance, making others’ opinion of you malleable.


Suited man sitting on roof top.
The importance of style is that you can reinvent yourself.


They will see your increased confidence as a change in your personality, and accept the change.


And as a result of being accepted as more stylish and confident, they will treat you accordingly.


What’s more, when people ‘treat you accordingly’, it will make you even more confident.


This is, as Judge Dredd would say, a : “double whammy.”


But it all stems from taking action, by caring about your style.

By doing this, you will have greater confidence, physically look better, and will be treated better.



The Benefit of Confidence


Internalising, real, raw confidence will increase your quality of life dramatically.


You will be able to step outside of your comfort zone (which makes you more confident), take action, and be the protagonist of your life.


To add this, the rest of the benefits of this list partly stem from the confidence that improving your personal image will give you.


And, ironically, seeing the other benefits in action will make you even more confident – so, it all comes full circle, and works to keep you developing as a person!


Confidence is the foundation of a stylish personality.



Greater Respect – Why is Style Important

In caring about your personal image, you will have more respect for yourself, and more respect from others (duh).



When you look in the mirror, you will see the best, most complete, version of yourself with the highest potential for success.


You will have put your best foot forward, are proud of the person you have created, and respect yourself more because of it.


Man looking in mirror.
You will be pleased by what you see.



With respect for your own image comes reciprocation from peers.


It will be evident through your clothing and values that you are driven, and have things sorted out.

On top of this, people understand that being put together is not an easy task (as I’m sure many have tried and failed).

Therefore, people will probably respect you for getting to such a coveted position.


Finally, through your actions, your high standards and successful mentality will become clear – this is a highly respected combination that will definitely set you apart from the crowd.



Heightened Attraction

Physical attraction is the obvious one, and is the first thing people think of when it comes to the importance of looking good.


But looking closer at this idea reveals that there is more to it; you become more attractive in every sense to everyone.


You become more attractive:

  • to be around
  • to go into business with
  • for a promotion


The outside world has a better perception of you in every sense, and this is nothing but beneficial.


You can affect the way people perceive you.



Better First Impressions – Why is Style Important

It’s not hard to understand why being well dressed and looking good would lead to better first impressions.


Harvey Specter quote on first impressions.



It’s really down to the suggestion of positive traits, such as competency and professionalism.


But, psychologically, it is because of the ‘halo effect’, the idea that one overwhelmingly positive attribute (in this case a polished appearance) leads to further positive assumptions about an individual, such as their business ability.

Therefore, it increases the odds that positive experiences will come your way because of other individuals.


This is a perfect example of one of Harvey Specter’s best quotes: “I don’t get lucky, I make my own luck.”


You are seen as ‘smarter’

If you’re killing it in the clothing department, it connotes intelligence, as you obviously show you understand the importance of clothing, and how to pull of it off well. (Where do you think the phrase ‘looking smart’ comes from?)

To add to this, certain stylish items, such as glasses, have been proven by empirical evidence to make you be perceived as having ‘higher intelligence’.


Man wearing glasses.
Wearing glasses has been proven to make you look smarter.


You are seen as ‘higher status’

This is a consequence of well fitting clothes more than anything.

It is a supposed signal of status when someone has well fitting clothes and nice shoes; historically, only noblemen we able to afford custom clothing and quality footwear.

This is especially true when we talk about the importance of dressing well at work: you are more likely to be seen as higher status, and promoted.


You are seen as ‘cooler’

Lets face it, having style is just a cool trait to have.


All of these factors work together to make ‘luck’ come your way more frequently.


So, use this to your advantage and get whatever the hell you want.


Greater Contentment, Physical & Mental Health

The old phrase ‘look good, feel good’ comes to mind – and it is completely true.


As a result of all of the other benefits listed, you will have greater potential to become liberated and fulfilled, in my opinion, some of the two healthiest state of minds to possess.


You will have the liberation of finally having the confidence and respect to know that you can determine what you do, and no one can tell you otherwise.

You will have the fulfilment of being the best version of yourself, and the knowledge that you always put your best foot forward, meaning you will never live in regret. 


On top of this, if you extend your style to exercising and healthy eating, you will feel an immeasurable difference in day-to-day activity, and will generally just be healthy for longer.


Exercising is why learning style is important.
Getting into personal development, such as exercise, really pays off.



It’s Cheaper, Easier and Less Risky than Being Fashionable (BONUS BENEFIT) – The Importance of Style

As stated earlier, fashion and style are different.


Style is permanent fashion.


And, in my opinion, fashion doesn’t really encompass your personality and values.


For these reasons, being stylish is so much:



You don’t have to keep up with the latest trends.



A stylish, timeless item can last your whole life, whereas fashion changes rapidly.

You buy less, but wear more.


Less Risky

Stylish items are proven to work – they are usually universally accepted as looking good.

On the other hand, fashion can make you look like a wally if pulled off incorrectly.

It is harder to get the benefits listed above by being fashionable.



The Importance of Clothes

So, I’ve covered the importance of style, and its 5 main benefits.

You may note that I’ve mentioned, on countless occasions, that style is ‘much more than just the way you look’.


But the importance of clothing in style cannot be ignored.


Clothing is a tool that allows you to accentuate positive attributes of your body, and hide negative ones. 


Think of clothing as a stylish weapon.


The importance of style in a quote.
Harvey Specter outlines the importance of dressing well: he uses his peaked lapels as a tool to appear more masculine.


You can use features, such as peaked lapels, to build a masculine frame, and colours like red to display power.


These functions of clothing make it more than just a ‘covering mechanism’, but a tool you can learn about (on places like this blog!), and use to your advantage.



Conclusion – Why is Style Important?


Overall, the importance of style cannot be overstated.


It helps change you into a more confident, respected, attractive, successful and healthy person.


And that leads me to say…


If the content of this article hasn’t persuaded you why learning style is important, then nothing will.


But what if it has?


Don’t waste any more time: find your style, and start killing it.


Remember: learning to becoming stylish, and taking care of yourself through nutrition and exercise, is the gateway to major quality of life improvement – this is why learning style is important.


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