Why Bother Being Stylish?
Why Bother Being Stylish?

Why bother being stylish?

It’s a question I’m sure a lot of people have when they first come across any information regarding men’s clothing or lifestyle.

You may be content with the way you are at the moment (or you may not – that’s an even bigger incentive to give it a try), but I assure you that when you start taking care of yourself properly, you will see immediate benefits in many areas of your life.

Learning how to dress properly, and taking care of yourself through nutrition and exercise, is the gateway to major quality of life improvement.

In this article, I will dive into the top 5 things that happen as a result of taking care of yourself physically, the first step to becoming a man of style.

We can divide the benefits and their area of effect into a Venn-diagram: 

Why both being stylish - Venn diagram of the benefits.


Increased Confidence

The anti-confidence is insecurity.

Some physical insecurities are easy to rid of. You have stained teeth? Save up and get teeth whitening. You are overweight? Lose the pounds.

There are also things that, when addressed, will make you feel like $1 Million, such as how you dress.

When you fix a problem that has been bothering you, or take up a new habit such as dressing better, magic happens.

Firstly, you become empowered – that thing you hated is gone. You no longer have to worry about it. Your confidence increases. This is a change in mind set.

Secondly, others will take notice. If you feel disrespected or looked down upon, any positive change will be enough to weaken the views that other people have about you.

Think of it this way.

You come to work one day wanting to appear more confident, and somehow start to act as so. Your appearance hasn’t changed, so people perceive this behaviour as unordinary.

There is an incongruence between your physical and mental change.

Conversely, you’ve been to the gym for the last 3 months, changed your style and got a badass haircut. You now feel legitimately more confident. Your mind set has changed.

There is a noticeable shift in your appearance, making others’ opinion of you malleable. They will see the change in behaviour as a change in your innate personality.

They accept the change.

For others to accept your confidence and thus have them treat your more favourably, you have to take action and improve yourself physically.

Once you fully believe that you are a confident individual, you will radiate it, and others will treat you accordingly.

Internalising real raw confidence will increase your quality of life dramatically.

You will be able to conquer things you never thought you could, step outside of your comfort zone (which makes you more confident) and be the protagonist of your life. You won’t live in eternal anxiety and constantly think ‘what if’, because you’ll be living it.

However, deep rooted and immutable insecurities do exist.

Dressing well and taking care of yourself is the first step in a long line of many to crushing doubt and building a success mind set, and will give you a taste of how good it feels to improve as a person.


More Respect

When you take care of yourself physically, you will have more respect for yourself, and more respect from others (duh).

When you look in the mirror, you will see the best, most complete, version of yourself with the highest potential for success.

You will internalise the fact that nothing in your control can possibly hold you back from getting where you want to be, and you respect yourself more because of it. You have put your best foot forward – you will be proud.

Again, as a result, with self-respect comes reciprocation from peers. They will see that you have things sorted out in your own life and will look up to you as a role model because of it.

You can’t expect to gain respect from others if you don’t respect yourself!


Heightened Attraction

Physical attraction is the obvious one, and is the reason why a large majority of people bother to put in the effort.

But looking closer at this idea reveals there is more to it; you become more attractive in every sense to everyone.

You become a more attractive person to be around, a more attractive business partner, more attractive for a promotion – the outside world has a better perception of you in every sense, and this is nothing but beneficial.


Better First Impressions

Style and self-care open doors that were previously reinforced with military grade steel.

This is because of the ‘halo effect’, the idea that one overwhelmingly positive attribute (in this case a polished appearance) leads to further positive assumptions about an individual such as their business ability.

Therefore, this increases the odds that positive experiences will come your way because of other individuals.

Use this to your advantage and get whatever the hell you want.


Greater Contentment, Physical & Mental Health

The old phrase ‘look good, feel good’ comes to mind – and it is completely true.

As a result of all of the other benefits listed, you will have greater potential to become liberated and fulfilled, in my opinion the two healthiest state of minds to possess.

You will have the liberation of finally having the confidence and respect to know that you are the master of your fate – you can determine what you do, and no one can tell you otherwise.

You will have the fulfilment of being the best version of yourself and knowing that you always put your best foot forward, meaning you will never live in regret. Your new found style may open doors to a fulfilled relationship or dream job – you don’t know until you’ve tried.

On top of this, if you start exercising and accompany it with great, whole meals, you will feel an immeasurable difference in day-to-day activity, general health levels and will generally just be healthy for longer.


Conclusion – Why bother being stylish?

Because it will change your life.

There is NO excuse to not try and up your style game; the change you will witness will outweigh the work you put in – but you will never know what changes may occur unless you give it a go.

Here at Hero and Villain Style, we post content around men’s style, fragrance, personal development and fitness with the aim of making you look and feel incredible.

Mindset change and deep personal development starts with physical change, so I urge you to stick around and to take on board our easy style tips so you can be the protagonist.

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