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Ahem – gentlemen.


If there’s one character that absolutely kills it in the style department, it’s The Spy.


Being a regular in the Team Fortress 2 lineup since 2007, The Spy has been many people’s favourite way to break through enemy defences and ensure victory for their team.

But aside from being a fun to play and efficient mercenary, he is the most elegantly dressed of them all (I suppose that’s what you would expect from a French gentleman, though).


This article will cover The Spy’s style, why it’s so effective, and what you can take from it.


The spy's classic look in red.
The Spy’s classic outfit (accompanied by his favourite toys).


The Suiting

The Spy’s classic outfit is his awesome three piece suit and accessories.


Fabric & Colouring

Depending on which team he is fighting for, the colour of his suit is a either a slate shade of blue or red.


The Spy suit colours.


Regardless of the main colour, both suits feature chalk striping every couple of inches, taking on a lighter hue of the main suit colour.

In both cases, The Spy wears a crisp and ever appropriate white shirt, with a classic pointed collar and presumably buttoned single cuffs. A slither of cuff can be seen from under his jacket sleeves.


Jacket & Waistcoat

The jacket finish is rather odd.

The front curves inwards and upwards, more so than most jackets.

However, the back of the jacket appropriately covers his rear end and features no venting, an odd choice considering manoeuvrability is of high concern.


The Spy jacket finish
The jacket has a rather odd finish.


Under the jacket, the spy wears a standard, high V cut waistcoat with no lapels and a top left breast pocket.

This mid layer ups the formality level of his ensemble.



The suit jacket features wide notched lapels with a very low gorge, solidifying the fact that Team Fortress 2 is set in the 1950s.


The Spy lapel style.


However, due to the cartoon nature of the art style, the gorge has been exaggerated and is much lower than most jackets typically worn in the period.


Trousers & Footwear

Additionally, the trousers appear to have a high rise and taper down towards the thighs. But as you go past the knee, they again open up and almost ‘flare’.


The Spy completes his outfit with black Chelsea boots, providing an appropriate finish for a rather untraditional ensemble.



To top it off, each respective spy wears a tie of their team colour.

However, in the Team Fortress 2 beta, The Spy’s accessory game was slightly stronger.


Team Fortress 2 The Spy Style changes.


In the beta, both spies sported striped ties.

The red spy has a burgundy tie with bright red stripes, and the blue spy had a blue tie with rust coloured stripes.

On top of this, they both also used to wear a pocket square in the colour of their respective team, although the exact shades that were originally chosen are, in my opinion, too bold.


What Can YOU Take from This?

It’s no surprise that the spy is considered a dapper chap.

But, as usual, I wouldn’t recommend imitating his style completely, but emulating your favourite aspects of it.

After all, he does wear the same suit every day (BORING!).



The spies on both teams wear suits of interesting, yet conservative, colours.

The blue spy wears a ‘fiord’ blue suit (trust me, I looked it up), a certainly more interesting alternative to navy.


The Spy suit colours.


This is a great colour to pull out, no matter your skin tone, and adds a bit of character to your outfit without being overbearing.

However, unless you go custom, this is likely going to be a difficult colour to get hold of. Airforce blue is similar shade, but more common to come across.

Additionally, the Red Spy wears a ‘copper rose’ suit.

Although an untraditional colour, it shows that alternative colours can be pulled off in tailoring.


Of the two, the blue is the more conservative and safe option.


So, if you already have a navy and grey suit, and are wanting to expand your selection, I would recommend perhaps going for a suit of a similar colour and fabric detailing as The Blue Spy.

This is especially true as the subtle chalk stripes on the suit fabric add an extra dimension to the outfit.



I love interesting waistcoats – seriously – they’re cool.


But basic waistcoats, such as the one The Spy wears, I feel lack character.


Interesting waistcoats don’t necessarily have to be bold, but have an extra element that sets them apart from the standard version you see pretty much everywhere.

This ‘extra element’ can be anything from the waistcoat having a lapel, all the way to the material featuring a loud check pattern.


They might not be for you, but I believe that they are something that you should at least give a try.


bold Suit Supply waistcoat.
An awesome bold and interesting Suit Supply waistcoat.


By far the best place that I have found to pick up some incredible interesting waistcoats is SuitSupply.

They’re not cheap, but they’re totally awesome.



The Spy wears a form of boot with his suit.

Even though the Chelsea boot wasn’t popularised until the 1960s, 10 years after the game is set, I would most likely say that the character designers put him in them.


The Beatles in Chelsea boots.
The Beatles wearing Chelsea boots with a suit.


This contrasts with the cropped and flared trousers to produce a unique finish to the trouser.


In real life, this probably wouldn’t look very good.


However, I am in the minority who thinks that wearing Chelsea boots with suits is acceptable (although I never do), especially if the environment you are in is not super formal.

So, if you feel like you can get away with it, give it a go – you might like the way it looks, as, alike wholecuts, it creates an ultimate clean silhouette.



Conclusion – The Spy Style – How to DRESS Like The Spy

It’s true that the spy doesn’t particularly like to switch things up, and like some tech moguls, adopts a uniform that he wears on a daily basis.

But this uniform is, for the most part, stylish, and has many aspects that you can try and emulate and bring into your sartorial game.

After reading this article, hopefully you may have some new ideas on how to change things up and evolve on your personal style journey.


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  1. Dell Conagher

    The game actually takes place in the summer of 1968 (based off of multiple TF2 comics and references to the Vietnam War), so the Spy’s choice of Beatle boots is historically accurate. Just thought I’d point that out. Loved the article!

    1. Luke

      Hi Engie!

      I appreciate your comments, and after a quick research session, see that you’re absolutely correct.

      I have always taken it as gospel that this game was set in the 50s though – not sure where I got that from.

      Other than than the obvious missteps, I hope you enjoyed the article, and thank you for reading and commenting.

      But look out for this guy, he might try to sap your sentry!