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You are currently viewing GET Neal Caffrey’s Hair From White Collar

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I’m a dude, but even I have to admit that Neal Caffrey’s hair is glorious.


It’s long like a lion’s mane, and completes Matt Bomber’s suave aesthetic.


So, it’s no surprise that you too may have picked up on this, and are looking to emulate his hairstyle.


In this article, you will learn how to get Neal Caffrey’s hair, so you too can look debonair.


I hope you enjoyed that totally unintentional rhyme.


Neal Caffrey’s Hair

This hairstyle is on the longer side, and is similar to Anakin Skywalker’s.

The main difference is that Neal Caffrey’s long hair is neater, shorter, and looks to be using a product with a higher hold.


Front view of the hairstyle.


How to get the Neal Caffrey Haircut

The Cut

To get this style, you have to grow your hair out to about 5″ on the sides, back and top, and slightly longer, about 6″, at the back.

Once you have grown out to the appropriate length, visit your barber for a tidy up, and ask them to:

  • Cut your hair with scissors
  • Add texture to your hair


Cutting the hair with scissors creates a less uniform look than if you were to do it with clippers, which is a big feature of this hairstyle: it is neat, but not perfect.

To add to this, your barber can add texture to your hair which will again aid in getting this look.


To stay faithful to the style as seen in White Collar, you will want to steer clear of ‘tidying up’ too much, especially the side burns, around the ears, and at the back.


However, for a more professional and versatile look, I would recommend that you have your barber neaten your hair up slightly.


Neal Caffrey haircut profile.
The official haircut is not tidy around the ears and back.


And, as usual, I would highly recommend that you take in some photos to make it concretely clear what sort of style you want.


The Styling

Due to its slightly messy nature, this hairstyle is quick and easy to style:

  1. Once you have had your hair cut to the correct length, you’re going to want to dampen it, and slick it back with a brush.
  2. Then apply some sort of sea salt spray. Along with the scissors cut and added texture, the sea salt will aid in giving your hair a wavier appearance, getting even closer to the original style.
  3. Dry your hair using a blow dryer, making sure to use your brush or fingers to push your hair backwards as you do. This will activate the sea salt spray, and help set your hair in place.
  4. To give the haircut some structure, apply a medium/high hold matt product, pushing back on your hair like you did when blow drying, making sure to coat as many follicles as possible.
  5. To finish it off, you will want to casually part your hair on one side using your fingers.


If your hair parting doesn’t stay in place, you can try:

  • Gently combing it in with a brush
  • Adding more product while parting with your fingers, to help weigh the hair down.


For extra clarity, here is a video from Slikhaar TV giving a brief outline of how to obtain the style:



Conclusion – Neal Caffrey Haircut

So now you know how to get the Neal Caffrey haircut from White Collar.

There are instances in the show where the cut differs slightly, such as the sides being shorter, or neater, so you have to adjust your request at the barbers to match what you specifically desire.

However, other than minor adjustments, all that’s left for you to do is take the advice in this article, and look awesome.


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