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You are currently viewing The Kylo Ren Hairstyle (and HOW to get it)

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It’s fair to say that Kylo Ren’s hair is almost part of his personality.


Whether it be on Starkiller base, or during a First Order raid, the dark side’s prince charming is easily identifiable by his long locks.

So, while watching the sequel trilogy, you may have wondered to yourself: how can I get the Kylo Ren hairstyle?

In this article we will cover just that, and teach you how to get hair like Kylo Ren.


Kylo Ren Hair

For the entire duration of the sequel trilogy, Kylo Ren has only one hairstyle.


Kylo Ren hair close up.
Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren hair.


Interestingly, it is very similar to Anakin Skywalker’s episode three hairstyle, but with a few differences:

  • Thickness
  • Colour
  • Parting
  • Neatness


Kylo Ren Hair Thickness

Firstly, Adam Driver’s hair looks to be thicker than Hayden Christensen’s.

This will inherently give the hairstyle a different look, and for hair of that length, give you more styling options.



On top of this, Adam Driver’s hair is black, which, against his light skin, produces a harsher contrast.



To add to this, Kylo Ren’s hairstyle features a left part compared to Anakin’s right part.

In my article discussing Obi Wan Kenobi’s hairstyle,  I explain how a 1999 study proposed that the side that you part your hair is a factor of how people perceive your personality.

As this Kylo Ren hairstyle features a left parting, it is said that those around him would perceive him as more masculine, and have stronger discipline and productivity, compared to someone with a right parting.


Kylo Ren’s Hairstyle Neatness

In normal circumstances, Kylo Ren’s hair is considerably neater than Anakin’s.

It is typically straighter and has less frizz, and the parting is more definitive, making it dressier.

So, it’s no surprise that when Adam Driver takes his Kylo Ren hair out onto the red carpet, it pairs well with suits and tuxedos.


How to Cut Kylo Ren’s Hair

Like with a lot of these Star Wars hairstyles, you’re going to need to grow out some serious length.


Kylo Ren hairstyle profile.
That’s some serious length.


For this Kylo Ren hairstyle, you will need about 5″ on the top and sides, and 6 – 7″ at the back.

Following this growing out period (which will likely take quite a while), visit your barber for a cleanup, and ask them to:

  • leave the back longer
  • cut your hair with scissors
  • add texture to your hair


To ensure you get what you’re after, take a photo with you on your phone to make it clear what you expect, and don’t be afraid to direct the barber while they are cutting your hair.


How to Style It

In some scenes, this Kylo Ren hairstyle has some structure, so will require styling:

  1. To replicate the backwards ‘waviness’, dampen your hair using a good sea salt spray, and blow dry it backwards, using a hairbrush to direct it.
  2. Part your hair casually at a natural parting with your fingers.
  3. After leaving your hair to dry, apply a matt medium/high hold matt product, running your fingers through your roots, making sure to work in your parting.
  4. Tidy up the sides with a hairbrush, and brush any remaining hair back that is not set in place.


Kylo close up.
As you can see, this style has some structure to it with a semi-definitive left parting.


However, if you prefer a more ‘battle hardened’ look, feel free to leave your hair unstyled, perhaps just combing the knots out of it to keep it somewhat neat and professional.


Conclusion – Kylo Ren Hair

In this article, you’ve learned how to cut and style Kylo Ren’s hairstyle.

It’s an awesome haircut that will turn heads.

However, the length makes it difficult to maintain and style.

But, assuming you follow the steps outlined in this article and get the hang of it, all that’s left to tell you is to use your new powers wisely, and make sure you don’t turn to the dark side.


Ben Solo giving a thumbs up.


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