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You are currently viewing How to Get James Bond’s Hair (from Connery to Craig)

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James Bond’s hair probably isn’t the first thing you think of when someone mentions the illustrious super spy. But Bond’s grooming is as important to his suave look as his slick suits and Aston Martins, and reinforces the idea that, no matter how good the other areas of your personal image, you need to have a super solid haircut to bring it all together.

James Bond’s hair is of medium length, and is styled with a slick side part. Over time, James Bond’s hair has gotten longer and shorter, and has been styled without a parting, but always remains smart and presentable.

As aforementioned, Bond’s hairstyle over the 60 years of his cinematic presence has evolved with the times and the actors. However, not all of these changes were created equal.

Read on to find out how to replicate the hairstyle from your favourite portrayal of 007.



How to get James Bond’s Hair: Sean Connery

Sean Connery’s slicked side part is usually the first thing to pop to mind when you mention Bond’s grooming, so we’ll start with this as the ‘quintessential’ base model.

Connery’s 1962 (film) début of the character required a timeless look, so it’s no surprise that they chose the ever classic slicked side part, which was also especially popular in the 1960s.

This specific instance has medium volume, and looks to have a medium to high shine, which suggests a pomade has been used.

Sean Connery's hair in Dr No

As slightly longer hair is required for an adequate comb over, it requires medium level maintenance, both over time to maintain the hair’s condition, and during styling, to get the hair to stay in place.

However, this hair style is hugely advantageous, as its increased formality makes it perfect for any occasion, t-shirt to tuxedo – very apt for the chameleon dresser, 007.

This version worn by Connery has the parting slightly further up compared to the slope of his head, unlike some other entries in this guide, which have it closer to the edge. This means that Connery’s hair has a greater graduation between the top and sides, for a more balanced look.

This style also looks slightly different from other similar attempts on this list, mainly because Connery’s hair was receding further than his counterparts. Despite this, this hair style does a good job of hiding it.


How to Get the Look

Recommended Products

  • Pre-Stylers: To support the moderate volume, you could look at introducing a volumizing product. Those with fine hair may also want to bring in a thickening product, especially as we’re going to use a high shine pomade, which highlights fine follicles.
  • Styling Product: For the hair style pictured, you will want to use a pomade. However, some of Connery’s other looks appear more matte. In this case, you could switch it out for a matte finish clay.


The Cut

A scissor cut is imperative for this hairstyle, and most of the others in this guide, as you don’t want separation between the sides and back that a clipper (machine) cut provides, but a seamless transition provided by scissors.

Therefore, ask your barber for a ‘short back and sides’ with scissors, and to leave some length on the top, approximately 1.5-2″.

The length of the ‘short back and sides’ will usually be as short as your barber can accommodate, but in the case that you happen to have a super skilled barber that’s able to provide a close skin fade with scissors, it wouldn’t hurt to specify that you’re looking for about 0.75″ of length on the sides and back.

In any case, the key is that the top is considerably longer than the sides, to facilitate the comb over.


The Styling

  1. Wet your hair, slick it back, and find your most natural hair parting, parting the hair on that side as so. As aforementioned, Connery’s hair is parted close to, but not on, the slope of his head. This may, or may not, naturally work for you.
  2. If you have fine hair (hair that isn’t super thick), apply a thickening product.
  3. This hair style does have some (but not excess) volume, so, depending on how well your hair naturally handles volume, you may want to apply a volumizing mousse.
  4. Blow dry your hair, maintaining the parting, until it is dry. To build in the medium volume required, take a hair brush, and tug your hair upwards, drying it as you go.
  5. Cement the style with a pomade, by taking a small coin sized amount of product, rubbing it between your hands, heating it up, then working it through your hair, root to tip. Don’t worry about ‘scruffing’ up your hair or parting.
  6. Now your hair is entirely coated in product, comb your hair back into the parting.


How to get Daniel Craig’s James Bond Haircut

In 2005, it was announced that Daniel Craig would be taking over from Brosnan as 007. And with this new Bond, as we all know, came a newer, rougher and more realistic interpretation of the character.

Coinciding with this was a move away from the traditional side part that we’d seen pretty much since the start of the franchise, towards a lower maintenance crew cut, which I feel complements Craig’s no nonsense ‘I’ll do what I have to do’ approach.

Daniel Craig's crew cut hairstyle

The short length makes styling easy (as there’s not much to do with it), and hair drying times very short, making it great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort with their hair, or someone who’s looking for a more robust and replicable style.

However, though I feel it appropriate even at black tie level, it’s not the most elegant hairstyle available, and of my own personal opinion, if left unkept, it can act against a man who isn’t physically in good shape, or whose style is lacking in other areas.

Also, due to the short clipper cut sides, I would recommend it best to have it tidied up approximately every 7 days to prevent it looking sloppy, which I can appreciate is slightly too frequent for most men.


How to Get the Look

Recommended Products

  • Pre-Stylers: Again, my fine hair brothers may want to apply a thickening product, not specifically for the hairstyle, but more just to make the hair look fuller.
  • Styling Product: As this style is matte, and seems to stay in place regardless of the activity Craig finds himself in, I would recommend a matte finish clay with a high hold.


The Cut

This hairstyle requires a number 2 taper on the sides and back with clippers, ending one inch above the ears. This tapered cut should then be blended in to the remaining top of your hair with scissors, which should be cut to finger length.

To get a perfectly accurate hairstyle, ensure the top of your hair is slightly longer at the front, compared to the rest.


The Styling

  1. Wet your hair and pat dry, to ‘reset’, and remove any bed head.
  2. Emulsify your styling clay between you hands and gently brush the product into your hair from root to tip, starting from your hair crown, to the front.


If you still have some questions on the above, here’s a great video by David from The Bond Experience on how to achieve this haircut!



How to get Pierce Brosnan’s Goldeneye Bond Hairstyle

Brosnan’s first film, Goldeneye, has, in my opinion, a different ‘feel’ to it, compared to his latter three. It’s likely mainly due to the lower picture quality, and non David Arnold soundtrack, but another contributing factor could be Brosnan’s distinctly longer hair.

Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye

Though I feel this lengthier slicked back, soft side part looks incredible on Pierce, I personally wouldn’t recommend this for most people, mainly because I feel most guys won’t be able to pull this off… unless you have a hair and makeup department following you around all day. Specifically, the longer length makes it harder to style, as it will likely be prone to flopping down without excessive hairspray.

Additionally, hair that is longer on the back, as in this case, risks looking dated… I suppose, this is a film from 1995 we’re talking about.

You’ll also have the task of maintaining longer, healthy hair, which isn’t always easy.

But if you’re still set, let’s see how you can go about acquiring it.


How to Get the Look

Recommended Products

  • Pre-Stylers: A volumizing product may be helpful to assist those with flatter, limp, hair. Moreover, as this is a rather ‘layered’ look, I would again recommend a thickening product, if you have fine hair.
  • Styling Product: I would recommend a high hold matte clay for this hairstyle. Moreover, to help keep this longer style in place, you may be well served by a hairspray.


The Cut

For this, you’re going to need to grow your hair out to a lengthy 3/4″ on the top, and 2-3″ on the back and sides. For the complete ‘authentic’ look, the back should come down and slightly exceed your shirt collar.

Though this isn’t a ‘cut’ per se, you will likely want to visit your barber for tidy ups every once and a while, to remove split hair ends. However, during these visits, you may want to instruct your barber to not cut around your ear, as about 1/5th of Brosnan’s ear is covered by his hair.

Again, it is imperative that you have your barber cut your hair with scissors.


The Styling

  1. Wet your hair, and slick it back.
  2. If applicable, apply your thickening and volumizing products.
  3. Blow dry your hair, pulling your hair up with a brush and twisting it to build up volume.
  4. Emulsify your styling clay by rubbing it between you hands, and heating it up, then apply the product root to tip, from the back of your hair forwards, to coat all strands.
  5. With your hands, work your now no doubt messy hair back into the style.
  6. Place a small shallow parting on your preferred side, to provide a slight direction to your hair.
  7. Apply a layer of hairspray, to try and keep it in place all day.


How to get Pierce Brosnan’s 1997-2002 Bond Haircut

Following Goldeneye, Brosnan’s hair maintained similar styling, but reduced itself in length to level that I feel is more manageable for us mere mortals.

Pierce Brosnan's hair in The World is Not Enough

Specifically, the reduced length reduces the hair’s weight, making it easier to maintain the volume throughout the day. Moreover, the shorter length reduces the risk of it looking dated. In fact, Chris Pine has had a similar hairstyle recently.


How to Get the Look:  Recommended Products, Cut, and Styling

The methodology for this hairstyle is similar as its 1995 Goldeneye predecessor, however there’s an overall reduction in length by about 1″, making the top come in at approximately 2.5″, and the sides and back at 1.5″. Also, the hair should be cut around the ear.

When styling, you can opt to forgo a shallow parting to get closer to how Brosnan has his hair in some scenes of The World is Not Enough.


How to get Timothy Dalton’s Bond Haircut

Sadly, I feel Timothy Dalton’s Bond has the ‘worst’ (lest classic) hair styling of the lot, potentially due to his films being made in the fashionably questionable late 80s.

Though his hair still sports a slight parting, it lacks structure provided by Brosnan’s subsequent style, making it sometimes look unkept, and unprofessional. Though, this looks to just be from a lack of use of hair styling products.

Timothy Dalton's James Bond hairstyle

The problem is exacerbated by the reduction in length difference between the sides, back, and top of his hair, which look to be relatively equal. In my opinion, this makes a universally unflattering style.

However, shortening the sides to provide a greater difference between the length of the top and side hair could modernise this hairstyle, and combined with proper hair styling products, would make it very similar to Brosnan’s second 1997-2002 haircut.


How to Get the Look

Recommended Products

  • Pre-Stylers: A volumizing product could help those with flat hair build up the required volume.
  • Styling Product: No styling product is required.

The Cut

This style requires a relatively equal length of scissor cut hair on the sides, back and top, of about 2.5″.


The Styling

  1. Wet your hair, and part it in your natural parting.
  2. Many people’s hair will struggle to get the volume required for this hairstyle, so a volumizing mousse, combined with an upwards pulling motion with a round hair brush, while being blown with heat from a hair dryer, will be able to build in the volume. If your hair achieves this volume naturally, you can blow dry it without assistance.
  3. As this style is characteristically ‘choppy’ and free flowing, this is all that’s required.


How to get Roger Moores’s Bond Hair

Roger Moore’s Bond’s hairstyle is of a similar cut and style to Connery’s. It features short back and sides, and medium length on top, but looks different, as his hairline is less recessed. Moreover, the styling products look to have less hold, allowing a fringe to form, and a matte finish.

Mooreover (see what I did there), in most instances, his hair style drops the definite side parting for a ‘combed back and to the sides’ look, with a groove in the hair naturally forming where it could be more concretely parted.

Roger Moore's James Bond haircut and style

In Moore’s later films, his hairstyle started moving more towards Dalton’s eventual style, with fuller sides, likely as a product of the time.


How to Get the Look

Recommended Products

  • Styling Product: As Roger’s hair appears looser and less product packed, I could recommend a styling paste or cream.

The Cut

You will again want your barber to cut your sides and back with scissors to the shortest they (most barbers) can obtain. You should ensure that a good 2 – 2.5″ inches remain on top.


The Styling

  1. Like with Connery’s hairstyle, wet your hair and slick it back.
  2. If you would prefer a thicker result, apply a thickening product.
  3. Blow dry your hair to the side, until it is dry.
  4. Emulsify your chosen styling product, and work it through your hair, root to tip. As the chosen product for this style should be lighter, it should be creamier, and go through the hair easier, without pull.
  5. Sweep your hair over to the side.


How to get George Lazenby’s Bond Hairstyle

I once saw someone refer to George Lazenby’s Bond hairstyle as a ‘Lego man’ hair. Though this is a pretty funny comparison, I can definitely see it.

George Lazenby in a tuxedo.

In style and cut, it looks to be almost identical to Connery’s. However, it sits differently, mainly as it seems Lazenby had thicker hair, weighing it down more, and making the style sit slightly easier.

Additionally, Lazenby’s parting looks to be extremely far to his left, giving it a more immediate horizontal drop off, showcasing the entire hair strand top to bottom. This makes the sides appear much longer than Connery and Moore’s versions.


How to Get the Look:  Recommended Products, Cut, and Styling

As the recommended products and styling as so close to Connery’s, I won’t repeat them.

However, Lazenby’s haircut differs slightly in that it is considerably longer on the sides, perhaps 1.5″ inches compared to Connery’s 0.75″ – 1″, and the parting is closer to where his head curves down, which produces an almost straight edge. This is most likely just a product of where each actor’s hair respectively parts.


The Low Down…

Despite a pretty varied and lengthy history, most of Bond’s hairstyles will serve you well in the modern day.

But if you’re going for a certain ‘look’, you must remember that the initial hair cut is essential to your ability to style the look into the shape you want. Moreover, though you’ll likely have good, well styled hair, there are many factors that go into a hair style, so even if you do everything they did, it will come out looking slightly different on you.

In all instances though, I’d recommending taking in a photo of the style you’re looking to achieve when you’re getting your hair cut, so your barber knows exactly what look you’re going for.


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