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You are currently viewing The Harvey Specter Sunglasses Guide (2022)

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Throughout the entirety of Suits, there are only a handful of Harvey Specter sunglasses moments.

But when present, they fit in perfectly with the rest of his style, and add to his outfits (shameless plug, but if you’re interested, I’ve written some great articles on how to get Harvey’s formal and casual style, for you to check out after this!)

This article will cover the few infamous sunglasses that Harvey Specter wears in Suits, why they work for his style, and where you can pick them up!




Harvey Specter’s Sunglasses

Persol 2953S-24-57 ‘Havana’

  • Brand – Persol
  • Model Name – 2953S
  • Size – 20mm bridge, 52mm lens width.
  • Frame Color – 24-57 ‘Havana’
  • Lens Color – Brown
  • Sunglasses Seen In – S1 E11 & S2 E1


Persol shades at Daniel Hardman's wife's funeral.


On a couple of occasions in season one and two, most notably at Daniel Hardman’s wife’s funeral, Harvey wears a handsome pair of squared ‘Wayfarer’ style sunglasses from Persol.

Specifically, the model he looks to be wearing is the Persol 2953S-24-57 in the ‘Havana’ colorway, and are personally my favourite of Harvey’s specs.

They are made from brown-red cognac plastic acetate, and also supposedly feature a ‘tortoiseshell’ effect, however I can’t see any from the screen grabs.

On top of this, the lenses are polarized, reducing glare, and are of a similar colour to the frames (polar brown). This introduces an interesting element, and complements the plastic they’re made from.


Harvey Specter sunglasses from the side.


Coupled with the typical Persol arrows on the temples, these shades stand out without coming across as flashy, and cement your outfit as looking classically put together.


How to Get the Look

Sadly, Persol no longer offer this specific model on their website, and it looks to be fully sold out at all other retailers.

However, when you search ‘Persol 2953S-24-57’ in Google, the first result you get is for the Persol PO3269S 24/57, which look very similar, and I presume are just an updated model of the pair that Harvey wears.

They’re a pretty perfect replacement considering the originals can’t easily be acquired anymore, as they’re available in the exact same colorway (24/57), size (50-20-145), and visually look very similar. Although, I feel the new PO3269S frames are marginally thicker (more bold) around the lens, which I expect was changed to improve the strength and robustness of the piece.

However, Shade Review has done a review of these glasses, and recommends sizing up to the alternate 52mm ‘standard’ size, as the 50mm ‘small’ pair is a bit too small for most people. Along with the slight increase in thickness, and sizing up to the 52mm size, there is a risk of losing the aesthetic of the original frames.

That said, I think if you get the same colorway, and pick whatever size works best for you (50, or 52mm – the 50s worked well for Gabriel Macht, but if you size up to the 52mms, they may just look as proportional), you will end up with a look that looks very similar to Harvey’s Persol frames.



Alternatively, the Persol PO3048S-24-31 look to retain the slim plastic around the glass, but don’t come in the same colorway, and are massively different in size at 58-19-145.


Tom Ford Snowdon 0237 05B ‘Shiny Black’

  • Brand – Tom Ford
  • Model Name – 0237 ‘Snowdon’
  • Size – 21mm bridge, 50mm lens width, 145mm temple length (unconfirmed, but likely)
  • Frame Color – 05B ‘Shiny Black’
  • Lens Color – Grey
  • Sunglasses Seen In – Season 3 Episode 2


Harvey Specter in Tom Ford Snowdons.


The second pair of sunglasses in Harvey Specter’s collection are the Tom Ford Snowdons (0237) in the ‘shiny black’ color (05B), which he wears in a scene in season two where he confronts his former mentor and district attorney, Cameron Dennis.

Like the Persols, they are in a ‘Wayfarer’ style, but are softer, more rounded, and thicker, making them unisex. I also feel this middle of the road shape (not too square, but not too round) makes them wearable for most face shapes.

Though it’s not possible to tell, I suspect that these specific frames are the ‘regular’ 50mm size, and not the ‘larger’ 52mm frames. They could be, though I feel Gabriel Macht has a small to medium sized face (we’re okay being weird in public here at Hero and Villain Style), which is why they appear slightly larger on him, compared to my 50mm pair which look slightly smaller on my larger face.

To try and confirm this, I’ve checked out multiple YouTube reviews of people reviewing the 50mm size, and they all look proportionally similar in size to the ones that Harvey wears. However, this isn’t a guarentee.

Consequentially, this makes them the same model as the sunglasses worn by Daniel Craig in 2015’s Spectre in the Rome scenes, albeit in a different colourway. You can check out my comprehensive review of Bond’s Spectre sunglasses here!

So, if there’s one pair of Harvey Specter’s sunglasses you should invest in, I would recommend it to be these – you get two iconic pairs of the price of one! (sort of, not the exact same colors though, but they’re similar)

These frames, which feature grey tinted lenses, match awesomely with the rest of his ensemble in the scene, and continue the ‘serious’ and intimidating look he is portraying.


How to Get the Look


Check Price for 52mm Model

At Amazon


The good news is, unlike the first pair of Persols, the exact Tom Ford Snowdons are still available, and usually at a decent price.

However, if you intend on getting these frames, I’d recommend that you pick up the size that works best for you, and not just getting the size as worn in the show.

If you’re considering picking up these sunglasses, I’d highly recommend checking out my blog post on Bond’ Spectre sunglasses, which goes into these shades in a lot further detail, so you can make a more informed decision to get them or not.


Oliver Peoples Afton OV5236 1005 ‘Shiny Black’

  • Brand – Oliver Peoples
  • Model Name – OV5236 ‘Afton’
  • Size – 22mm bridge, 49mm lens width, 145mm temple length (unlikely the ‘small’ 47-22-145 size)
  • Frame Color – T49 ‘Shiny Black’
  • Lens Color – Brown (Looks like it to me, at least)
  • Sunglasses Seen In – Season 7 episode 4


Harvey wears the Oliver Peoples Aftons, OV5236, in the ‘Shiny Black’ (T49) colorway when he visits Robert Zane (yet again) during one of his signature golfing sessions in season 7. To me, they look to have brown lenses.

Though information is sparse on this discontinued model, I suspect that the larger 49mm size is being worn in the show, as 47mm is a bit small for most men.


Oliver Peoples sunglasses in Suits.


I personally really like this style. It’s not as masculine as the first pairs in his collection, thanks to the more delicate, rounder edges, which softens his appearance, but works to a juxtaposition with his personality.

Moreover, I actually believe that Gabriel Macht wears these generally in his day-to-day life as optical frames, so they must be at least somewhat comfortable!


How to Get the Look

Like with the Persols, the Aftons look to be officially discontinued by Oliver Peoples, and are sold out at all official retailers. However, I have seen some pairs circulating on E-bay, though usually for very high prices.

In terms of close matches, the closest match I could find from Oliver Peoples themselves is the Cary Grant Sun OV5413SU, which, though a lovely pair in their own right, are much more rounded at the eyebrow, and not a perfect replacement.

Though I’m sure that there exists an almost perfect alternative somewhere, the closest replacement that comes to mind to me immediately are the Cutler and Gross 1304 in ‘Black’, which, though come in at a slightly larger size, with a 23mm bridge width, and 50mm lens width, retain a similar shape.

They feature a slightly bolder frame than the Aftons, but are much closer than the aforementioned Cary Grant pair. However, they only come with optical lenses, so you’ll need to have the lenses swapped out for sunglass lenses (or, for transition lenses, which I’d recommend). To be honest, with all the additional prices, you could be better off trying to find an old pair of the Aftons on E-bay, if you’re specifically looking to replicate this look. Though, if you just generally want to be stylish, the Cutler and Gross pair are phenomenal for those with more chiseled facial structures.

Finally, there are several, considerably cheaper, options from Ray-Ban. However, I’m not a big fan of 2022 Ray Ban (though, that’s up to you to decide), and none of them are a 100% perfect match. The models I feel are closest to the Afton from Ray-Ban are as follows:


The Low Down…

This overview of Harvey Specter’s sunglasses has covered all of the frames that have appeared in the show, their specific models and colouring choices, and where you can get them from (if at all!).

They’re all high quality sunglasses so, if you’re inspired, pick your favourite, and bring them into your wardrobe!

If you take good care of them, they’ll last you a lifetime, and the style they bring to your looks will definitely prove a worthy return on investment from the seemingly high initial price tag.


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I love this article! Nice one!


Do you think the persols could be a special edition? Or modification? The lens looks closer to amber / red than brown. I really would like to hit the nail on the head.

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The Snowden glasses In the show have like a matte black lense. Where can I find them