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Throughout the entirety of Suits, there are only a handful of Harvey Specter sunglasses moments.

But when present, they fit in perfectly with the rest of his style, and add to his outfits.

This article will cover the few infamous sunglasses that Harvey Specter wears in Suits, and why they work for his style.


Harvey Specter’s Sunglasses

Persol 2953S-24-57 ‘Havana’

On a few occasions in season one and two, Harvey wears an awesome pair of brown tortoiseshell Persol sunglasses, most notably at Daniel Hardman’s wife’s funeral.


Persol shades at Daniel Hardman's wife's funeral.


Specifically, the model he looks to be wearing is the Persol 2953S-24-57 Havana.

These handsome sunglasses are of a squared ‘Wayfarer’ style, and are made from brown-red cognac plastic acetate with a tortoiseshell effect.

On top of this, the lenses are polarized, reducing glare, and are of a similar colour to the frames (Polar Brown). This introduces an interesting element, and complements the plastic they’re made from.


Harvey Specter sunglasses from the side.


Coupled with the typical Persol arrow on the tempes, these shades will stand out without coming across as flashy, and cement your outfit as looking classically put together.

However, Persol no longer offer this specific model on their website. On top of this, it is hard to find at other retailers. The closest widely available match I have found is the Persol PO3048S-24-31, which has a very similar shape, but features green lenses.

I have yet to find these exact sunglasses for sale anywhere. I have found the exact frame style in Havana, but I have not come across any with brown lenses, like in the show.


These sunglasses can be found in:

  • Season 1 Episode 11
  • Season 2 Episode 1


Tom Ford Snowdon 0237 05B ‘Shiny Black’

The second pair of Harvey Specter sunglasses are the Tom Ford Snowdons, which he wears in a scene in season two where he confronts his former mentor and district attorney, Cameron Dennis.


Harvey Specter in Tom Ford Snowdons.


Again, the specific model looks to be the Tom Ford Showdon 0237 05B. This is the ‘shiny black’ colour, and features grey lenses.

These frames match awesomely with the rest of his ensemble in the scene, and continue the ‘serious’ and intimidating look he is portraying.

Like the Persols, they are in a ‘Wayfarer’ style, but are softer, more rounded, and thicker, making them unisex.

It’s interesting to mention that this is the same model of sunglasses that James Bond wears in 2015’s Spectre in the Rome scenes, though in a different colour.


So, if there’s one pair of Harvey Specter sunglasses you should invest in, I would recommend it to be these – you get two iconic pairs of the price of one!


The good news is, unlike the Persols, Tom Ford Snowdons are available from most retailers, and usually at a decent price considering their quality.

You can check out the current price of Harvey Specter’s Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses (Amazon affiliate link) here! This specific pair isn’t an exact match, as it is matt and has blue lenses, but is an awesome alternative look.


I have written a blog post that goes into these shades in a lot further detail, so you can make a more informed decision to get them or not.


These sunglasses can be found in:

  • Season 3 Episode 2


Oliver Peoples Afton OV5236 1005 ‘Shiny Black’

Harvey wears these Oliver Peoples Aftons when he visits Robert Zane (yet again) during one of his signature golfing sessions.


Oliver Peoples sunglasses in Suits.


Like with the Persols, these unfortunately look to be officially discontinued. However, pairs are circulating through e-bay, and other sunglasses vendors.

The closest match I could find from Oliver Peoples themselves is the Cary Grant Sun OV5413SU, though they are much more rounded at the eyebrow.


These sunglasses can be found in:

  • Season 7 Episode 4


Conclusion – Harvey Specter Sunglasses

This overview of Harvey Specter’s sunglasses have covered all of the frames that have appeared in the show, the specific models and colouring choices, and where you can get them from.

They’re all high quality sunglasses so, if you’re inspired, pick your favourite and bring it into your wardrobe.

If you take good care of them, they’ll last you a lifetime, and the style they bring to your looks will definitely be a return on investment from the seemingly high initial price tag.


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