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Harvey Specter’s casual clothing is a rare sight.

After all, the show is called Suits.

But one of Harvey’s best quotes is ‘people respond to how we’re dressed’.

So, it is only right for him to also pay attention to his clothing when he is not in uniform.

Read on to dive into Harvey Specter’s casual style, why it works, and how you can bring elements of it into your wardrobe.


An Overview of Harvey Specter’s Casual Style

Harvey Specter’s casual style is minimalist, and includes simple pieces such as:

  • Harrington jackets
  • Henley shirts
  • Button down oxfords
  • Chinos
  • Merino knitwear (mainly cardigans)

This minimalist casual style stays consistent with Harvey’s formal style, and stays true to the reasons he chooses to dress well in the first place: to be presentable, functional, and not worry too much about his style.


How to Get Harvey’s Casual Style

To emulate’s Harvey’s casual style:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Bring in items, as outlined in the above bulleted list.
  3. Focus on the core principles of dressing well, such as the fit of your clothing.


Memorable Casual Harvey Specter Outfits

Outfit 1: ‘Good Guys Gotta Do Bad Things’

This outfit is worn towards the end of the first season, when Harvey and Mike break in to a criminal’s apartment (committing another crime…), and coercing them into testifying against another member of their party (again… another crime… – I suppose “good guys gotta do bad things, to make the bad guys pay”).

The outfit consists of:

  • Navy Harrington Jacket (Likely Baracuta G9)
  • Grey T-Shirt
  • Grey Dress Trousers


Harvey Specter in a casual Harrington jacket.
Harvey Specter’s Harrington jacket.

Navy Harrington

Harvey’s a Steve McQueen fan, so it’s no surprise that you can find one of Steve McQueen’s most iconic pieces, a Harrington jacket, in Harvey’s casual rotation.

The Harrington is a hugely versatile jacket, and in my opinion, can be worn year-round.

It’s badass without being flashy, and not at all difficult to get your hands on.


‘Nice Mustang, Harvey. I see you’re still trying to be Steve McQueen.’

‘Not trying. Being.’

Season 3 Episode 2 – I Want You to Want Me


Grey T-Shirt & Grey Dress Trousers

The grey t-shirt is again a classic, and combines really well with the Harrington, as will most things.

However, the medium grey dress trousers are an unorthodox match for a grey t-shirt and Harrington, but perhaps occurred as a result of a rushed clothes change.

Although it is not a bad look, there are certainly more appropriate trousers to match with the lower formality of the t-shirt and Harrington.

For example, Harvey could have changed into a pair of dark chinos.


What to Take From This

  • Invest in a good quality Harrington jacket.
  • Try the Harrington + T-shirt combo.
  • For a safe outfit, ensure your outfit is all in the same formality level.


Outfit 2: ‘Father’s Day’

This outfit is worn in a flashback episode when Harvey is visiting his father’s grave, where he’s clearly shook by his passing. And with a disgruntled Specter, comes a unusually rugged outfit, consisting of:

  • Navy v-neck jumper
  • White dress shirt
  • Tan chinos
  • Medium blue rain coat


Harvey Specter in a navy V neck jumper.
Dishevelled Harvey.

Navy V-Neck Jumper & White Dress Shirt

This is a great smart-casual combination that you should emulate. However, reflecting the nature of the episode, the shirt is untucked, and is ‘reverse layered’ with the jumper. His shirt collar also flies freely, unrestrained.

To combat these messy faux pas, I would recommend that Harvey switch out the shirt he was wearing for one with a button-down collar.

The buttons will ensure that the collar stays within the jumper’s V frame, and will not only keep it all neat and tidy, but will also create a flattering structure that frames the face.

Err, also, he should tuck his shirt in.


Tan Chinos

Harvey wears tan chinos as pants, which are very versatile and will go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Although safe and can look incredible, Harvey could try swapping them out for a pair of navy chinos.

It’s a slightly more uncommon combination, but still looks awesome.


Medium Blue Rain Coat

This outfit is topped off by an unusual medium blue raincoat.


A blue raincoat not in line with other Harvey Specter casual style.


What to Take From This

  • The tan chino, navy v-neck and white shirt is a easy, classic and smart combination that every man can pull off.
  • Button down collars tend to look best with v-neck jumpers.
  • ‘Reverse layering’ can work, but makes you look much more casual.
  • A rain coat, layered over a casual base, is a good way to add visual interest (and keep you dry!)
  • Avoid tan chinos, and opt for alternatives such as navy, for a more unique look.


Outfit 3: ‘Enjoying Death’

Harvey wears this combination when he turns up to Zoe Lawford’s house, which consists of a:

  • Dark brown leather jacket (looks like nappa leather)
  • Grey linen shirt


Harvey Specter's casual stylish leather jacket.


It reminds me a lot of the ‘enjoying death’ outfit from Daniel Craig’s Skyfall, and like that outfit, radiates a rugged awesomeness.

Also, the leather jacket isn’t so refined that it out dresses the concretely less formal linen shirt.

This allows them to work so well together.


What to Take From This

  • The best outfit combinations are usually when the pieces work together to achieve a certain aesthetic.
  • Linen shirts are a very underrated warm weather item.


Outfit 4: Double Denim

Worn in another flashback scene, this time playing baseball with his father, Harvey brings out a daring double medium blue combination, consisting of a:

  • Medium wash chambray shirt (rolled sleeves)
  • Straight fit, medium/light wash denim jeans


Harvey playing baseball with his father.
Harvey Specter playing baseball with his father.


He masters this combination by implementing the ‘double denim guideline’ of differentiating the color of your denim items.

This adds visual interest, and stops you from looking like a medium wash 2×4 lego brick.


What to Take From This

  • To pull off ‘double denim’, follow the ‘double denim guideline’, and ensure that your denim items are of different colors.
  • Two-tonal blue outfits work well.


Outfit 5: The Spirit

Gabriel Macht returns to his ‘The Spirit’ days in this outfit, which simply consists of a black dress shirt (looks like a poplin weave).


Harvey Specter's casual stylish black shirt.


As he naturally has lighter hair, this would usually look problematic, as a black shirt looks best on those who have dark features, such as dark hair or dark skin.

However, Harvey’s hair at this point was on the darker side, which allows him to pull off this combination.

This is because the shirt is not polarizing to his complexion, and acts within his base colour pallet.


What to Take From This


Individual Pieces

Harvey Specter’s casual style also revolves around some key recurring pieces.


Shawl Collar Cardigan

Harvey’s love of Steve McQueen doesn’t end at Harrington jackets.

He also emulates McQueen’s other signature piece, the shawl collar cardigan.

Wearing a navy piece on a few occasions, this item of knitwear elevates the look of a rather basic outfit, provided it has a good fit.

And this is exactly how Harvey uses it: to enhance his otherwise boring t-shirt and jeans combinations.


The Thin Cardigan

Harvey has been seen to wear thin, presumably merino wool, cardigans.


Thin cardigan is a staple of Harvey Specter casual clothing.


They serve the same purpose as the shawl collar cardigan and enhance an otherwise boring ensemble.

But due to their finer nature, they are more formal than their chunky cousin.

For this reason, I would reserve them to be used as a mid-layer with tailoring, between a dress shirt and suit jacket. Not particularly a fan of it directly over a t-shirt.


The Henley Shirt

Harvey Specter’s most common casual staple is the Henley shirt.

Sporting a variety of colours through the show, Henley shirts work well for Gabriel Macht due to his well maintained physique.


Casual Harvey Specter style in a henley.
A Henley shirt is a staple of Harvey Specter’s casual clothing.


Serving as a less common version of the t-shirt, the Henley rewards those with great physiques because of its often form fitting nature. This allows wearers to highlight their good lifestyle habits (or lucky genetics).

He has worn Henley shirts both as a base and layering piece, on top of a t-shirt.


Harvey Specter sitting on a bed in a henley.
Harvey loves his Henley shirts.


The Low Down…

Even though Harvey Specter’s casual clothing isn’t a common sight, he still pays attention to it, and does it right.

This article has included some of his best outfits and staple items, so now you can bring some of casual Harvey Specter style into your rotation, and kick ass 24/7.