Harvey Specter’s Casual Clothing
Harvey Specter’s Casual Clothing

Harvey Specter’s casual clothing is a rare sight.

After all, the show is called Suits.

But one of Harvey’s best quotes is ‘people respond to how we’re dressed’.

So, it is only right for him to also pay attention to his clothing when he is not in uniform.

Harvey Specter’s casual clothing stays true to the character and captures his badass, classic and timeless look.

In this article I will dive into Harvey Specter’s casual style, why it works, and how you can bring it into your wardrobe.


Memorable Outfits

Outfit 1 – Navy Harrington Jacket, Grey T-Shirt and Grey Dress Trousers

Navy Harrington

It is strongly suggested that Harvey is a Steve McQueen fan.

So, it is no surprise that you can find one of Steve McQueen’s most iconic pieces, a Harrington jacket, in Harvey’s casual rotation.

Harvey Specter's casual Harrington jacket.
Harvey Specter’s Harrington jacket.

‘Nice Mustang, Harvey. I see you’re still trying to be Steve McQueen.’

‘Not trying. Being.’

Season 3 Episode 2 – I Want You to Want Me

The Harrington is a hugely versatile jacket, and in my opinion, can be worn year-round. This is of course provided that you aren’t too warm or too cold.

It is badass without being flashy, and not at all difficult to get your hands on.

In fact, the Harrington that I swear by was purchased from e-bay for less than £10.


Grey T-Shirt & Dress Trousers

The grey t-shirt is again a classic, and combines really well with the Harrington, as will most things.

However, the medium grey dress trousers are an unorthodox match for a grey t-shirt and Harrington, but perhaps occurred as a result of a rushed clothes change.

Although it is not a bad look, there are certainly more appropriate trousers to match with the lower formality level that the t-shirt and Harrington provide.

For example, Harvey could have changed into a pair of dark chinos.

This would allow the outfit some harmony and perfectly tie it together.


Outfit 2 – Navy V-Neck Jumper, White Dress Shirt and Tan Chinos

This outfit is worn in a flashback episode when Harvey is visiting his father’s grave.

With a disgruntled Specter comes a disgruntled and messy outfit.


Navy V-Neck Jumper & White Dress Shirt

This is a great smart-casual combination that you should emulate.

However, reflecting the nature of the episode, the shirt is untucked and shows from under his jumper.

Harvey Specter in a navy V neck jumper.
Dishevelled Harvey.

His shirt collar also flies freely, unrestrained.

To combat these messy faux pas, I would recommend that Harvey switch out the shirt he was wearing for one with a button-down collar.

The buttons will ensure that the collar stays within the jumper’s V frame, and will not only keep it all neat and tidy, but will also create a flattering structure that frames the face.

Err, also, he should tuck his shirt in.


Tan Chinos

Harvey pairs the aforementioned with tan chinos.

Again, tan chinos are very versatile and will go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Although safe and can look incredible, here Harvey could try swapping them out for a pair of navy chinos.

It is a slightly more uncommon combination, but still kicks serious ass.


Medium Blue Rain Coat

This outfit is topped off by an unusual medium blue raincoat.

A blue raincoat that is not in line with the rest of Harvey Specter's casual style
An odd choice, in my opinion.

This is not something that I would expect to come from Harvey – perhaps it has some sentimental value.

There is nothing at all wrong with the principle of the item, but I feel that it doesn’t look quite right.

A different rain mac, perhaps in a darker navy, would look much better.


Outfit 3 – Black Leather Jacket and Grey Linen Shirt

Harvey Specters casual stylish leather jacket.

Harvey wears this when he turns up to Zoe Lawford’s house.

This combination somewhat reminds me of the ‘enjoying death’ outfit from Daniel Craig’s Skyfall.

Like that outfit, this radiates a rugged awesomeness.

The leather jacket isn’t so refined that it out dresses the concretely less formal linen shirt.

This allows them to work so well together.


Outfit 4 – Chambray Shirt and Light Wash Denim

Harvey Specter playing baseball with his father.
Harvey Specter playing baseball with his father.

Worn in another flashback scene, this time playing baseball with his father, Harvey brings out a daring double medium blue combination.

On top he wears a medium-dark chambray shirt with rolled sleeves, and on the bottom a definite medium wash pair of denim.

He masters this combination as, like you should when you wear multiple pieces of denim, he has differentiated the colour of the top of bottom halves.

This adds visual interest, and stops you from looking like a medium wash 2×4 lego brick.


Outfit 5 – Black Shirt and Dark Wash Jeans

Gabriel Macht is a blonde chap.

But his hair, for some reason, sometimes switches colour to a super dark shade of brown.

Harvey Specter's casual stylish black shirt.

He takes advantage of this and in this outfit wears a sleek, black shirt.

Black shirts work particularly well for those of us who have dark features, such as dark hair or dark skin.

This is because the shirt is not polarising on your completion, and acts within your natural colour pallet.


Individual Pieces

Shawl Collar Cardigan

Harvey’s love of Steve McQueen doesn’t end at Harrington jackets.

He also emulates McQueen’s other signature piece, the shawl collar cardigan.

Wearing a navy piece on a few occasions, this item of knitwear elevates the look of a rather basic outfit, provided the fit is on point.

This is exactly how Harvey uses it, to enhance his otherwise boring t-shirt and jeans combination.


The Thin Cardigan

Harvey Specter casual clothing is classy with this thin cardigan.

Harvey has been seen to wear thin, presumably merino wool, cardigans.

They serve the same purpose as the shawl collar cardigan and enhance an otherwise boring ensemble.

However, I feel they are not as kickass as a shawl cardigan when it comes to casual wear.

Due to their finer nature, they are more formal than their chunky cousin.

For this reason, I would reserve them to be used as a mid-layer with tailoring, that is, between a dress shirt and suit jacket.


The Henley Shirt

Harvey Specter’s most common casual staple is the Henley shirt.

Harvey Specter casual clothing could not be complete without a henley.
His staple.

Sporting a large variety of colours through the show, it works so well for Gabriel Macht due to his well maintained physique.

Serving as a rarer version of the t-shirt, the Henley rewards those with great physiques because of its often form fitting nature. This allows wearers to highlight their good lifestyle habits (or lucky genetics).

He has worn Henlies both as a base and layering piece, on top of a t-shirt.

Harvey Specter sitting on a bed in a henley.
Harvey loves his Henley shirts.


Harvey Specter’s Haircuts

Okay, I’ll admit, his hair isn’t part of his casual wardrobe.

Nor is it part of any of his wardrobe.

But it is an accessory that can’t be overlooked whenever the character is on screen.

It is so good that even other characters mock it.

In the show’s history, Harvey has sported two hair styles.


Harvey Specter’s Long Hairstyle – The Slick Back, Side-Part Pomp

The way Harvey has his hair for the majority of season 1 is perfection.

This neat left sided part is a perfect complement to the rest of his clothing choices.

Harvey Specter's hair style in the first episode. Slick back hair.
Such a slick look.

This is especially true when he is in his suit.


How to Get the Look


Ask for a number 2 on the sides and back with clippers.

On top of this, ask, with scissors, for your barber to leave a fair amount (2+ inches) on the top. This will allow you to get the volume with the slick back.

Even though it is a classic style, I would recommend that you take a photo in to make it crystal clear what you are looking for.



If you want the shiny look, you’re going to have to use some sort of pomade or gel.

For someone like me who prefers a matt finish (for my fine hair, you see), look into aqua-based waxes, putties or fibres – most water based products with a strong hold will do you fine.

Wet your hair and, if you want, put your product in, coating the whole hair follicle. Regardless of if the product is in, comb in a hard part on your preferred side.

Dry it as best you can with a towel and then go at it hair dryer, trying to preserve the style.

The key to this style is volume, so grab your hair with your comb and pull it upwards, having your dryer blast that hair from underneath as you do.

If you haven’t already, put the product in, and then comb your hair into place.


Harvey Specter’s Short Hairstyle – The Neat-Messy Faux Hawk-Crew Cut

In the later seasons, Harvey sports this spiked up, longer on top, crew cut.

Due to its neat nature, it is still appropriate to be worn in all the situations that he will encounter.

Harvey Specter's neat, messy crew cut.
An equally as dashing, more mature, Specter with his crew cut.

The advantage of this hair style, compared to his slick-back, it that is much easier to obtain and maintain.

Furthermore, it may be something that those of us with fine hair will gravitate towards.


How to Get the Look


Like before, ask for a number 2 on the sides and back with clippers.

However, as this is a shorter style, you will have to ask for your barber to go… shorter on top.

Tell them to leave it longer on top then the sides. This will allow you to spike it forwards and clearly show that the sides and top are of different lengths.

Again, I would recommend that you take a photo in of this style to make it crystal clear what you are asking for.



This is easier to style than the aforementioned slick-back.

Wet your hair and dry it to prep all of the hair follicles and reset them to their natural positions.

During the period it is wet, you may want to blow dry the top of your hair upwards to get extra volume for the style.

Heat up a matt product between your hands and run it through your dry hair, pushing up and coating the whole follicles as you do.

This will allow the product to hold on and make your hair stay in place all day.


Conclusion – Harvey Specter’s Casual Clothing

Even though Harvey Specter’s casual clothing isn’t a common sight, he still pays attention to it and does it right.

This article has included some of his best outfits and staple items, so now you can bring some of Harvey’s casual style into your rotation and kick ass 24/7.