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Portrayed by Harrison Ford and Alden Ehrenreich, Han Solo has been an inspiration for many guys for over 40 years.

From the swagger to his aesthetic, there is always something to be impressed with – however, Han Solo’s hair is a big part of his look, and is as iconic to him as his legendary DL-44 blaster.

Read on for more information on how to obtain Han Solo’s hair from both the original trilogy, and the Star Wars story, so you too can emulate part of the universe’s most well known smuggler.


An Overview of Han Solo’s Hair

The Han Solo haircut is of a medium length messy left-center part style, and is about 3″ on the top and sides, and about 4″ at back. Though parted, it appears natural and unstructured, and is very reminiscent of the years that Star Wars was originally filmed.

Unlike most characters with iconic hair, Solo’s haircut stays relatively consistent throughout the films, brining in a sense of continuity to his look, and solidifying the iconography of his style.


Harrison Ford's Han Solo haircut


Despite this, though the films all follow the same base style, there are minor differences with exactly where the parting is, and how neat it is:

  • In some instances, like the above photo, though still on the left, his parting is closer to the centre. In others, like in Alden Ehrenreich’s case, it is slightly more to the left.
  • In some cases, again like the photo above, the parting is more ‘definitive’, and swept to the sides. At other times, it is ‘messier’ and untamed, and covers his forehead.


How to Get Harrison Ford’s Han Solo Hair

Fortunately, the main thing you have to consider to get this look is the length, which consequently creates a borderline mullet-esque style (though, we’re not quite there).

Adding to this, as Harrison Ford’s hair looks to be on the thicker side, the hairstyle has plenty of natural bulk and volume – if you don’t have hair that’s on the thicker side, though you might still be able to pull it off, there’s not much you can do, apart from perhaps try hair thickening products.

Alden Ehrenreich, who plays Solo in 2018’s ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, looks to fall into this camp of having fine hair, so you can see what difference this might make later in the post.

The hairstyle doesn’t look to use any products, though, depending on your hair type and obedience, you may need to apply a light to medium hold product, to help keep the parting in place.


How to Get Han Solo’s Hairstyle

The Cut

To reiterate, you will require about:

  • 3″ on the top and sides
  • 4″ on the back


Once you’ve grown your hair out to these approximate lengths, you’ll likely, as usual, want to visit your barber for a ‘tidy up’, to ensure your hair is at the correct 3 and 4 inch lengths, and to tidy up any split ends.

At this stage, as Harrison Ford’s hair isn’t uniform and has texture, you’ll also want to ask your barber to cut your hair with scissors, and add texture to your hair.

On top of this, as Han Solo’s hair covers 1/2 – 3/4 of his ears, if you want the most authentic look, ask your barber to not cut around the ears.


The front and side of his hairstyle.
As I was explaining earlier, though this look has a close to central parting, it is ‘messier’ then some of his other looks, and disperses over most of his forehead.


The Styling

Like some of the other hairstyles covered in my work, as the look is unstructured, it won’t need too much styling or attention.

However, in this case, if your hair doesn’t naturally part in the centre, or slightly to the left, and ‘flow’ backwards neatly, you’re going to have to put some work into it.

If this is the case for you, I would also recommend purchasing a medium to low hold product, to help give your hair a bit of loose structure, and keep the parting in tact.


  1. Wet your hair.
  2. Part your hair with a comb, centre left, or centre, and slick it back.
  3. To the best of your ability, pat it dry with a towel, absorbing most of the water.
  4. Using a hairdryer on a warm setting, blast your hair back, using your fingers to loosely guide it and keep it in place – try to preserve the parting you’ve created. After a while, you can start blow drying from different angles, to try and preserve the parting better.
  5. Once fully dried, observe the result – this may be it for you.
  6. If not:
    • If it’s too messy, use a comb to neaten the sides and parting of your hair.
    • If it’s ‘low volume’, ‘floppy’, or the parting doesn’t stay in place, emulsify your medium-low hold styling product in your finger tips, and work it into your hair, backwards.
    • If the parting isn’t in the place you expected, then unfortunately you’ll have to start again.


Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo Hairstyle

As aforementioned, Alden Ehrenreich played Han Solo in 2018’s ‘Star Wars story’, and, despite sticking to round about the same base hairstyle, executed it slightly differently.


Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo hairstyle


As his hair looks to be slightly finer than Harrison Ford’s, it makes the original ‘bulkier’ style harder to achieve – this shows throughout the film, as Alden’s hair has a few differences:

  • It looks finer (this isn’t a problem, I’ve got fine hair too)
  • As a result, despite being of similar length, it appears less bulky.
  • He has a more pronounced widow’s peak
  • It curls up at the sides
  • It is more ‘slicked back’.
  • The parting is more to the left, rather than central.


Both sides of his hair in Solo a Star Wars story.


So, taking this into account, though they stick to the same base, this really shows how having a different hair type can affect things.

If you wanted this look, you would really achieve it in the same way as mentioned before – the lengths, products, and methodology are the same. The only noticeable difference, other than his hair type, is the parting, which is further to the left.

So, if you want your hair to look more like this iteration, after you wet your hair, make sure your parting is at a slightly further to the left location than the original.



So, now you know how to get Han Solo’s hair.

It’s not a difficult hairstyle to achieve, but despite its slightly aged look, is definitely appropriate for those with more relaxed style personalities.


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