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You are currently viewing How to Dress Like Frozone from the Incredibles

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‘The Incredibles’ is my favourite animated film.


It has an incredible plot, great villain, Edna Mode, and a 1960s pazzaz to satisfy all fans of the Connery era.


With the time period comes class and style.


And one man who embodies all of this is Lucious, better known as his super hero alter ego ‘Frozone’.

Masculine and suave, Frozone is the perfect depiction of a cool character.

In this article, I will dive into Frozone’s style, how it works, and how you can bring aspects of it into your wardrobe.


Blue Pallet

Frozone’s style exclusively utilises a blue, black and white pallet.

This was a deliberate move by the costume designers to reflect his super powers.


But none the less, it seriously works.


Not only does sticking to similar colours embody many benefits that I will mention later in this section, but also works to help create a ‘personal brand’.

He combines different shades of blue together to create super stylish, classic, but interesting looks.


Sky turtleneck and true blue trousers.
A blue palette outfit, which combines dark blue trousers with a sky turtleneck.


In this example, we can see he has mid-blue chinos paired with a sky blue turtleneck.


As they’re in the same colour family, they don’t clash.


However, as there is a contrast between them, visual interest is introduced, making the outfit more stylish.


I enjoy doing the exact same.


For example, bringing in berry chinos, with perhaps a pink, or lilac shirt.

All of these colours are within the same pallet, but don’t exactly match, which avoids the sometimes boring and overused monochrome look.


By employing this strategy, you will be able to up your style easily and consistently.


One guideline I would suggest following is keeping the top half of your outfit lighter than the bottom half, like he has done.


His blue and white super suit.
Here, you can see his super suit has a simple mix of white and sky blue.


Although I’m sure there are ensembles that would look great in reverse, it is more difficult to pull off as the visual weight is on the top half of the outfit. (This isn’t necessarily bad – but just different).


So, in recap:

Frozone dresses exclusively in the blue, white and black palette, which:

  • Helps to build his personal brand.
  • Makes his outfits more stylish, without much effort.


Remember that you can really bring in any palette. As I mentioned before, I like using colours within the red family.

On top of this, it is easier to have the top half of your outfit be lighter than the bottom.


Frozone Style – Turtleneck + Leather Jacket + Chelsea Boots Combo


Turtlenecks are cool.


Leather jackets are cool.


Chelsea boots are cool.


So, why not combine them? – It’s an ultimate sophisticated bad boy look.


Frozone style reflected by black leather jackets and turtlenecks.
Frozone’s turtleneck and chinos combos.


The leather jacket and Chelsea boots bring in bad boy vibes, while the turtleneck injects class into the outfit.

This makes it wearable by anyone, even those who aren’t really into wearing rugged attire.


Disadvantages of This Look

  • A downside to this look is that all of the individual pieces can command a high price tag, especially a good quality pair of boots, or a leather jacket.
  • On top of this, some leather jacket styles don’t look particularly good with a turtleneck, due to a raised collar. (Such as the moto racer)
  • Frozone’s leather jacket has a, rather odd, shawl lapel, which you would more than likely have to get custom made. Realistically, a leather bomber jacket would work equally as well, due to the absence of any collar, which gives precedence to, and doesn’t interfere with, the roll neck.


He Dresses for his Skin Tone


Frzone’s black brown skin is a blessing to him.


It allows him to wear pretty much any colours.


And, as we’ve discussed before, he exclusively dresses in the blue palette. This gives him the opportunity to bring in any shade of blue into his outfit, without the fear of washing him out.


However, lighter colours look especially good on black brown skin, and allow them to both pop.

He brings sky blue and white into his outfits to do just this, and as a result, looks awesome.


Incidentally, I’ve already created an article on how to dress for your skin tone, so you can see what colours work for you.


Frozone’s Aftershave

Paying homage to the time period of The Incredibles, the 1960s, Forzone uses ‘Hai Karate’, a real vintage aftershave that can still actually be bought from select retailers.

On Fragrantica, this barbershop aromatic citrus scent holds generally favourable reviews, although some people categorically hate it.


Frozone with a bottle of 'Hai Karate'.
Frozone’s ‘Hai Karate’ aftershave.


It’s a rather odd choice, as judging by Lucious’ apartment, he could afford fragrances that were perhaps slightly more up market than this budget 1967 launch.


Maybe he became a customer due to their wicked TV commercials?


Frozone Style – Car Coat

In ‘Incredibles 2’, Lucious visits the Parrs in a navy knee length car coat, grey trousers, classic Chelsea boots and either his super suit or white turtleneck.


Frozone's car coat.


The coat is slim cut, and not made to accommodate layering pieces, such as a suit.


The close cut works to flatter his athletic 6″2 frame, and enhances an elegant line, as is continued by the well fitting trousers and boots.


Conclusion – Frozone Style – How to DRESS Like Frozone

So, now yow understand Frozone style, and how it works.

There’s not much too it, as his style is quite simple and muted (probably because of the fact that he doesn’t have much screen time).

However, when we do see him, he is absolutely killing it, using all of the cues mentioned in this article.


I’ve tried very hard to work a ‘super suit’ joke into this article, but unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I have not been able to.


I apologise.


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