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In recent years, Kingsman style has become something of legend. And now with the latest entry just around the corner, I’m sure more guys than ever are wondering how to dress like a Kingsman.

You will want to wear a classically tailored dark double breasted suit, preferably with pinstripes, a white dress shirt, a navy and red reppe stripe tie, acetate spectacles, and oxford shoes. Casual Kingsman style involves conservative attire, such as cardigans, and oxford button down shirts.

What’s more, a lot of the exact clothing worn in the films is for sale at Mr Porter, who helped to curate the Kingsman’s style by bringing together the expertise and handiwork of many of Britain’s best heritage brands.

The rest of this article will delve deeper into the Kingsman’s clothing from the films, where to buy them (and alternatives), and what you can take from their style to dress better in everyday life.


An Overview of How to Dress Like a Kingsman

At their heart, the Kingsman are gentlemen, and as such, the dress code for the Kingsman organisation is formal suiting, which is what we see them in most frequently.


As a general overview, to dress like a Kingsman, you will require:


(Click on any of the bullet points to go to that part of the article)


Colin firth standing in a Kingsman suit


This classic ‘uniform’ maintains a tailored fit, and ozzes the aura of a stereotypical gentleman. They are all mostly custom made by Martin Nicholls London (though, in the film, they are Kingsman bespoke).

Of course, Kingsman agents aren’t always wearing a suit, though their casual and even more formal looks follow similar dressing philosophies.

This next section will cover their suiting in greater detail, and will then move onto their:


(Again, click on any of the bullet points to navigate!)


Kingsman Suit Style

The Kingsman Double Breasted Suit

The iconic staple of the Kingman’s style, and I’m sure one of the reasons you were even looking for this article, is their suit.

Kingsman agents mostly all wear double breasted suits with a standard 3×6 Y button configuration (three buttons on each side, and six in total).

These suits are usually made from super 120s William Halstead wool, in either charcoal grey or navy, and feature a chalk stripe pattern.


“The first thing every gentleman needs is a good suit, by which I mean a bespoke suit – never off the peg. And, Kingsman suits are always bullet proof.” – Harry Hart


Double breasted Kingsman suit


“The suit is a modern gentleman’s armour, and the Kingsmen the new knights.” – Harry Hart


They are all cut the same, and adhere to traditionally British suit styling options:

  • The suit jacket allows for 0.25 – 0.5″ of shirt cuff, features two straight cut flap pockets on either hip, moderate waist suppression, structured shoulders, and features wide, peaked lapels, which works with the double breasted nature of the jacket. The suit jacket also has high arm holes, a double vent, and has shape throughout the back.
  • The suit trousers are made from the same fabric as the jacket, and have a similar slim cut, a medium rise, side adjusters, a gentle taper, and a quarter break on the shoes. Also has a back welt pocket.


Other Kingsman Suits

On some occasions, various senior Kingsmen move away from the standard dress code, and bring in suits with lighter colours, such as medium/light grey, or with other patterns, such as windowpane, glen check, or no pattern at all.


How to dress like a Kingsman suit collage
Fabric, from left to right: Airforce blue plain, medium grey glen check, light grey plain, medium grey windowpane. The suit fits are all cut the same.


The most extreme example of a Kingsman moving away from the dress code is the olive three piece country suit that agent Lancelot (Jack Davenport) wears at the start of the Secret Service, when attempting to save professor Arnold.


Jack Davenport in a olive suit


This suit looks to be made from a heavier wool tweed material, and features a windowpane overcheck, three buttons on the jacket, a notched lapel on both the jacket and waistcoat, and a full break on the trousers.

BAMFStyle has written a whole blog post about this look, which I would highly recommend reading if you want more information, as I’m only covering the more typical ‘dress code’ looks in this article.


How to Dress Like a Kingsman in a Suit

Taking this all into account, when purchasing a suit to dress like a Kingsman, you will want to ensure that you have:

  • A double breasted button configuration, with a 3 x 6 Y button formation
  • Strong shoulder padding
  • Wide peaked lapels with medium belly
  • Slim, tailored fit
  • Two flapped jacket pockets
  • Side adjusters on your trousers
  • Medium rise trousers
  • Tapered trousers
  • Quarter break


Of course, with the pattern and colour, you can switch it up, like they do in the films – but for the classic look, go for a dark fabric with chalk stripes.


Kingsman Shirts

Kingsman Dress Shirt

The Kingsman wear standard white cotton dress shirts from the Royal shirt maker ‘Turnball & Asser’.

This shirt has a twill weave, a semi-spread stiff collar, and French cuffs, which take cufflinks.


How to dress like a Kingsman shirt


It is perfectly fitted, and shows about 0.5″ from under the jacket’s cuff.


How to Dress Like a Kingsman in a Shirt

To be honest, the Kingsman shirt is your bog standard white dress shirt, but of superior build quality, and with a custom fit.

The main features you want to look for are:

  • White colour
  • Semi-spread stiff collar
  • French cuffs
  • Sim fit
  • Twill weave


I could rattle off 20 retailers that offer this sort of shirt, but one of my favourites, as I’m sure you know if you’ve ever read this blog before, is Charles Tyrwhitt, who provide awesome suit shirts at a good price.


The Kingsman Tie

Like the dark double breasted suit and white pocket square, the Kinsman have a certain ‘tie’ in their dress code.

This navy, white and red repp stripe tie, again from ‘Drakes’, is made from a 50/50 silk-cotton fabric, has a blade width of 8cm, and features a soft faille texture.


Kingsman striped tie
A typical Kingsman tie, tied in a Windsor knot.


Despite this ‘typical’ look, throughout the films, we again see agents bring in other varieties, such as a solid green, navy pin dot, or, if you’re the organisation’s leader, a pink and navy repp stripe tie.


How to dress like a Kingsman tie collage
A collage of the other ties worn in the series.


The Kingsman agents typically tie their ties with either a half or full Windsor knot, though on some occasions, like in Jack Davenport’s outfit, they utilise a four-in-hand knot.


How to Dress Like a Kingsman with a Tie

All of the Kingsman’s ties are classic and conservative.

Therefore, when purchasing and wearing a tie to get the Kingsman aesthetic, you should stick to the following points:

  • Classic, 8cm width
  • Stick with classic patterns, such as stripes, and solids – avoid super bright, or novelty patterns
  • Tie a half Windsor knot


Also, the Kingsman agents all wear their ties correctly, and follow the ‘tie rules’ to make sure they’re maximising their look. Luckily, I’ve written a complete guide on how to do this, which covers all of the most common mistakes, and shows you how to look as good as a Kingsman in a tie.


Kingsman Shoes: What shoes do the Kingsman wear?

Kingsman Oxfords

“Oxfords not brogues – An Oxford is any formal shoe with open lacing. This additional decorative piece is called broguing.” – Harry Hart

As cool as the above quote is, unfortunately it’s incorrect. Brogues are usually also Oxfords, and Oxfords have a closed lacing system, not open. Here’s a great video that goes into this in more depth.


George Cleverly black toe capped oxfords


In any case, the typical Kingsman shoe is a George Cleverly black toe capped Oxford with a rounded toe. This style and colour combination is the epitome of versatile when it comes to men’s formal shoes, as you can wear these with most suits and trousers.

They feature five eyelets and are fastened by normal laces, using a closed lacing system, and are made from premium calf leather.

In the film, when the wearer clicks their heels together, a Rosa Klebb like poisoned knife pops out from the front of the right shoe – gotta be careful if you ever have to run for the bus!


Kingsman Slippers

In Eggsy’s secret gun closet at Harry’s old apartment, and again in the Kingsman armoury, you can see pairs of midnight blue evening slippers with an embroidered rose gold Kingsman insignia.

Unlike the Oxfords, these slippers aren’t versatile and suitable for every day use, and are reserved for wearing with a black tie outfit.


Kingsman shoe velvet slipper


Though I personally don’t like the idea of this formal item, they are a good alternative for black patent leather Oxford shoes, which are your typical tuxedo shoes (covered later).

These slippers are also made by George Cleverly, and are constructed from a midnight blue cashmere fabric.


Kingsman Brogue Shoes

Despite the famous ‘Oxfords not brogues’ quote, we see in the Kingsman armoury what looks to be wingtip (full brogue) shoes available – therefore, the fondness for Oxfords is likely Harry’s personal taste.

However, in some outfits in the films, such as in the Golden Circle finale, Eggsy wears a pair of quarter brogue Ofxords, with brogue detailing only on the toe cap line of the shoe.


Kingsman Glasses

Cutler and Gross Eyeglasses

Another one of the most well known and stylised aspects of the Kingsman’s clothing are their glasses.

Designed especially for the series by the reputable English eyewear specialist Cutler and Gross, these glasses visually further your sophistication, and increase your IQ by at least 100.


How to dress like a Kingsman glasses from Cutler and Gross


The plastic acetate frames have a squared frame type, but are softly rounded at the edges, and feature a thick bridge in the middle, which provides a visual valance.

This softness will help balance a squared jaw, and subtly introduce that iconic Kingsman look into any of your outfits.

In the films, Eggsy wears these glasses in the ‘shiny black’ colour, compared to other characters, such as Harry Hart, who have a ‘tortoiseshell’ pattern (pictured above).

I personally love a good pair of tortoiseshell frames – they work especially well with lighter complexions, as they don’t provide as harsh of a contrast as a completely black frame.

These exact glasses can only be purchased from the Mr Porter website.


Here’s a great video from Mr Porter showing the design process of the opticals:



Merlin’s Browline Glasses

It’s also worth mentioning that Merlin wears these black acetate browline glasses.


Mark Strong wearing browline glasses


Though it doesn’t give you your typical ‘Kingsman’ look, this glasses style is classic and gentlemanly, and works with the rest of the attire.


Kingsman Watch: What watch do the Kingsman wear?

The Kingsman wear a custom chronograph Bremont Watch, made especially for the film. It features a rose gold case, white face, a date window, three sub dials, and is secured by a tan strap with a crocodile texture.


Bremont Kingsman watch on Eggsy's wrist


In traditional spy style, it doubles up as an awesome gadget, housing a tranquiliser and amnesia gun functionality, and the ability to provide a blinding light to disorientate enemies.

Qualified Kingsman agents receive the rose gold version, as pictured above. However, during the training phase, recruits are given a blacked out, more military, version.


Kingsman Pocket Square

The pocket square is one of the most overlooked, yet powerful, details in a formal outfit; It’s a simple accent that brings your look to the next level, with little effort.

Most of the Kinsman outfits feature the same white linen pocket square from Drakes, which is folded with a standard ‘TV’ presidential fold.

Though worn infrequently and by side characters, others include a navy pocket square with white piping, or a solid burgundy pocket square.


How to Dress Like a Kingsman with a Pocket Square

There isn’t much to this, just make sure:

  • Your pocket square is solid white
  • You fold it with a presidential, straight fold, showing about 1/4″ of fabric from the breast pocket


Personally, a simple and inexpensive white cotton pocket square will look equally as dashing if you don’t want to purchase the Drakes one, which was used in the film.


Kingsman Cufflinks

The Kinsman wear Deakin and Francis imprinted rose gold cufflinks.


Kingsman rose gold cufflinks


They are double sided and are connected by a golden chain, so show on both sides of the cuff.


Kingsman Signet Ring

“A gentleman traditionally wears a signet on his left hand, but a Kingsman wears it on whatever hand happens to be dominant” – Harry Hart


How to dress like a Kingsman signet ring


During the film, Harry introduces Eggsy to the Kingsman signet ring in the armoury. This ring, like the cufflinks, are made by Deakin & Francis, and is actually cast from sterling silver, and only gold plated.

In the film, it doubles up as a 50,000 volt tazer – again, like with the shoes, be careful if you’re going in to shake someone’s hand!


The Kingsman Tuxedo

The tuxedos in the Kingsman films are showstoppers, and showcase experimental black tie done right.

By this, I mean that the tuxedos in the Kingsman franchise aren’t your typical matching black variety. Though this would be a safe and versatile option, Harry and Eggsy both tend towards the daring combination of a velvet dinner jacket, and contrasting smart trousers.

This next section will take a look at the whole of the tuxedo outfits worn in the films.


Harry Hart’s Tuxedo

Harry Hart’s tuxedo outfit from ‘The Secret Service’ features a velvet navy blue dinner jacket, a white Marcella bibbed evening shirt (discussed later), tartan trousers, and patent leather Oxfords.


Harry Hart Kingsman tuxedo style


The dinner jacket features a – beautiful – wide, satin shawl collar, structured shoulders, two jetted pockets on the hip, silk turned back cuffs, no vent, and four buttons on each cuff.

His trousers feature a tartan plaid, in traditional green and blue colouring, and have a quarter break on his laced patent leather Oxfords.

Though I personally wouldn’t gravitate towards the tartan trousers, and instead substitute them for normal black tuxedo trousers, the combination allows Harry to stand out, while still appearing refined and non-garish.

This is because the outfit follows most of the black tie rules, all of the pockets are correct, the garments fit correctly, and nothing is screaming for attention, and works harmoniously as one.

He accessorises with a classic full butterfly bow tie (see, that’s funny, because Harry wanted to be a lepidopterist), a white silk pocket square, and gold tuxedo studs and cufflinks.


Whole view of Kingsman tuxedo style


Interestingly, he forgoes a waist covering (cummerbund or waistcoat), which is part of the ‘black tie dress code’ – despite being acceptable to skip this in the modern day, this is a traditional detail that I feel a Kingsman would not have missed.


Eggsy’s Orange Dinner Jacket Outfit

In the Golden Circle, Eggsy wears this awesome outfit when he meets the King and Queen of Sweden.

Talk about being brave – what an outfit to wear when meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time (though I’m sure you could pull it off).


How to dress like a Kingsman Eggsy orange tuxedo jacket
So classy…


Though it’s bolder than Harry’s tuxedo combination, it again follows most of the rules of black tie, giving it a timeless look. If you replaced the jacket with a darker colour, like a black velvet, you could wear it again and again without anyone noticing – the colour is the show stopper here.

The top half consists of an orange dinner jacket, with wide, black, silk peaked lapels. Again, it features one button, two jetted pockets at the hip, and four black buttons on the cuffs.

For trousers, Eggy wears a pair of black tuxedo trousers made from a William Halstead wool-mohair blend barathea weave fabric.

They have a slim cut, medium rise, side tab adjusters and a grosgrain stripe on each trouser leg.


Wide shot of Eggsy's orange dinner jacket


Like Harry, he pairs this with a white pique bibbed evening shirt, a white silk pocket square, and black bow tie, and gold cufflinks, though forgoes studs.


Kingman Tuxedo Shirt

Both Eggsy and Harry wear a white cotton tuxedo shirt, again from the famous English shirt maker Turnball and Asser, with their tuxedos.

It has a pique Marcella bib on the front, collar, and cuffs, a semi-spread collar, and features French cuffs, which take cufflinks.


Marcella bibbed tuxedo shirt


In both cases, it maintains a slim fit, and can swap out the buttons for tuxedo studs, like Harry does.

This Marcella shirt style is, in my opinion, the easiest to wear and most versatile of the tuxedo shirt styles. However, it might not be the best one for you – this awesome guide I wrote about the different tuxedo shirt styles goes through all of the different options you have, where to buy them, and which would go best with your style!


Kingsman Tuxedo Pocket Square

Harry and Eggsy both wear a white silk pocket square , again from ‘Drakes’, with their eveningwear, and fold it using a ‘TV’ fold.

This is perfect, as silk pairs with the increased formality of a tuxedo ensemble, and is more appropriate than a cotton or linen alternative.


Kingsman Patent Leather Tuxedo Shoes

As is correct in black tie convention, both Harry and Eggsy wear black patent leather oxford shoes with their tuxedos.


Kingsman tuxedo shoes with patent leather


These shoes feature a traditional shiny finish, and have 5 eyelets, fastened with silk laces.


How to Dress Like a Kingsman in a Tuxedo

Compiling all of the aforementioned into a few actionable steps, when you’re trying to dress like a Kingsman in a tuxedo, you’ll want to look for:

  • A velvet dinner jacket
  • Wide shawl, or peaked lapels
  • One button
  • Jetted pockets
  • Contrasting, but classic, trousers – for example, regular black tuxedo trousers, with a satin stripe
  • Black patent oxford shoes
  • Black, silk evening socks
  • Black butterfly bow tie
  • Marcella weave evening shirt with French cuffs, and a semi-spread collar
  • Golden cufflinks 
  • Golden tuxedo studs (optional, but preferred)


Unfortunately, good velvet dinner jackets are hard to come by at an affordable price, so finding a regular black tuxedo and incorporating all of the other pointers may be the way to go.


Kingsman Overcoats

As the Kingsman’s main attire is a suit, when the temperature calls for it, they appropriately wear an overcoat on top.


Chesterfield Overcoat

In ‘The Secret Service’, Harry wears this double breasted chesterfield overcoat while evaluating Eggsy’s loyalty during the Kingsman training course.


How to Dress like a Kingsman style overcoat


The coat is in a dark grey colour, has peaked lapels, comes down to knee length, and is presumably made from cashmere.

This is a super classic overcoat style, and is very similar to the one that Roger Moore wears at JFK airport in Live and Let Die, a film released in 1973. For this reason, if you’re in the market for an overcoat, I would highly recommend picking something classic like this up, as it stands the test of time, and looks awesome.


Harry’s Sheepskin Shearling Jacket

In ‘The Golden Circle’, the production collaborated with ‘Cromford leather’ to produce this sheepskin shearling jacket that Harry wears when helping Eggsy and Whisky out in Italy.

It has three front buttons, and comes down to a few inches below hip length. On top of this, it features a traditional fur lining, lapel, and decorative piping around the pockets and edges of the coat.


Harry Hart wearing a Shearling jacket in the Golden Circle


This is a really awesome and dapper alternative to an overcoat, which is appropriate for this sort of snowy climate.

Unfortunately, the exact coat is sold out at Mr Porter.


Kingsman Sunglasses

Harry Hart’s Kingsman Sunglasses

There aren’t many sunglasses worn throughout the Kingsman series, however in the Secret Service, Galahad (Harry Hart) wears some when he waits for Eggsy to be released from prison.


How to Dress like a Kingsman sunglasses


Similarly produced by Cutler and Gross, and with an identical frame shape as the previously mentioned optical frames, these sunglasses feature a brown lens, and fit in with the rest of Harry’s dashing style and clothing.


Eggsy’s Transition Lenses

Eggsy wears a pair of his standard Kingsman glasses when they visit Italy in the Golden Circle. They look to have transitional lenses with a brown tint, which change from clear opticals to sunglasses depending on the light levels – they change from clear to tinted within the same sequence. This could be a continuity error, though.


Eggsy's Kingsman style when it comes to sunglasses


Kingsman Briefcase

In the Golden Circle, Eggsy and Harry assault Poppy’s Cambodian headquarters with the assistance of this custom Kingsman briefcase, which doubles up as a machine gun and rocket launcher, and expands to provide a personal bulletproof shield.


Eggsy holding a missile shooting briefcase


Though this seems like make belief, the machine gun part of this briefcase does exist, and has been historically used for VIP protection – no missile, or shield though.

The case is dark green and is decorated by a rose gold repeated pattern of the Kingsman insignia, is fastened by two golden metal clasps, and uses dark brown leatherwear on the strap.


Kingsman Casual Clothing

Due to the nature of the organisation and the film’s plot points, the Kingsman aren’t frequently seen in casual clothing.

So, unlike with their formal uniform, there isn’t really a ‘typical’ casual Kingsman look – however, casually, all of the characters dress in their own unique way, akin to their personality.

This section will go over some of the memorable casual looks from the film.


Eggsy’s Casual Kingsman Style

Gary Unwin’s Casual Outfits

Eggsy is the character most frequently seen in casual attire, most notably at the start of the first film.

His casual style usually includes:

  • Snapback cap
  • Polo shirt,
  • Bomber jacket
  • Dark wash denim
  • White Adidas trainers


Eggsy wearing casual bomber jacket clothing
Eggsy wearing a navy snapback cap, gilet with knitted sleeves, sky blue striped polo, dark denim, and white trainers.


He wears a mixture of white, black and navy hats, all in the same snapback style.

His jackets either feature a yellow/orange accent, or are completely muted, featuring just navy and white colours.


Eggsy's orange jackets
Eggsy’s ‘golden money’ jacket, and striped orange jacket, worn with a black polo and shirt respectively.


Under his jacket, he usually wears a polo shirt (which looks to be from Fred Perry) with a form of striped detailing, either around the collar, or on the chest, or just a plain dark t-shirt.

One great casual outfit from Eggsy is a pair of white Adidas high-top shoes, dark wash denim, a black t-shirt, and navy bomber – classic and timeless.


Eggsy in a black bomber jacket, and Adidas trainers


How to Dress Like Eggsy

Taking this all into account, it’s all about the combination of a bomber jacket, denim, and white sneakers:

  • The bomber jacket should either be plain, or include striping detail on the sleeves.
  • Your shirt should either be a plain, dark, colour, or a polo.
  • The denim should always be black or indigo blue.
  • Your trainers should be high top, striped, and preferably Adidas.
  • For an extra accessories, bring in a snapback hat, or gold neck chain.


Eggsy’s Kingsman Training Boots

In ‘The Secret Service’ during Eggsy’s training, he wears these George Cleverly brown pebble texture toe capped dress boots.


How to dress like a Kingsman brown boots


These boots are prefect for modern casual outfits, and provide utility, grip and strength.

They feature what looks to be seven eyelets fastened by matching brown laces, and four metal tongs on each shoe to keep the laces sturdy and high.


Harry Hart’s Casual Kingsman Style

Beige Cardigan and White Shirt

Colin Firth wears a beige woollen cardigan when he summons Eggsy to his house. It is accompanied by a white dress shirt, presumably the same one worn with the suits, and grey flannel trousers.


Colin Firth in beige cardigan


This is a more formal look compared to Eggsy’s to better distinguish the character’s background and preferences.

Personally, I would wear this cardigan as part of a sports coat and trousers combination, as I feel it’s a bit stuffy when worn even more casually – I’ve written a great guide on how to bring a cardigan into your formal outfit, with all of the tips and tricks of how to do it correctly, and look great.


Colin Firth’s Robe

After recovering from the explosion he set off at Imperial College London, Harry paces around in this burgundy robe, white pyjamas with burgundy piping, and Kingsman slippers.


Burgundy Kingsman robe style in the Secret Service


The whole look is a bit too dandy for me though, however, individual elements would be great functional items to add to your morning routine.


Harry Hart’s Tracksuit

It seems like Harry has a problem staying out of hospital, as we have another outfit he wears after recovering from an injury.

In ‘The Golden Circle’, we see Harry in this light grey marled cotton tracksuit, with tracksuit joggers, and matching bomber jacket.


Harry Hart in a light grey tracksuit in the Golden Circle


To finish it off, he wears a white crew neck t-shirt, and white tennis shoes.

When I first saw this outfit, I had a huge smile on my face – this is exactly how you’re supposed to do an indoors sporty athleisure look, while still coming across as sophisticated and well dressed.

It’s all about sticking to classic elements of sportswear, such as the shoes the and stripe on the jacket, which provides a more conservative look, compared to an equally as acceptable pairing of modern trainers and jacket.


Merlin’s Casual Clothing

Merlin’s Jumpers and Jacket

Though not technically ‘casual’, it’s worth mentioning Mark Strong’s signature outfits.

Merlin wears a V neck commando jumper, with brown suede shoulder pads, over a white dress shirt with a classic collar and buttoned cuffs, and a silk navy tie tied in a four-in-hand knot. This is finished off perfectly with a pair of grey trousers.


Mark Strong in a commando jumper


When required, calling back to his Scottish roots, Merlin wears a tartan field jacket, complete with four front cargo pockets, and a belt fastening.

This jacket is awesome and practical, and could easily be dressed down with with a turtleneck, or casual jumper, for a less formal look.


Merlin's Kingsman tartan jacket



So, now you know all that there is to know about dressing like a Kingsman.

They have a very distinct but classic style, making it versatile and appropriate for a variety of situations.

However, as usual, I wouldn’t recommend copying their style completely; as is the case with most famous looks, you’ll stand out for the wrong reasons.

Though, it’s more than acceptable to take inspiration from the Kingsman’s clothing, such as their tie choices, or fondness for double breasted suits – you can wear pieces individually, but not all together!

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