So, you want to know how to dominate like Harvey Specter.


It’s a good skill to have.


You’ll be able to come across as confident, capable and stylish.


And, if you understand why style and confidence is important, you will know that this results in you becoming a more successful and effective person.


I have created an awesome FREE e-book, ‘How to Dominate Like Harvey Specter’, that covers:

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But you may be asking, ‘why is this guy giving it away for free?’


Great question.


Firstly, I want this information to reach as many people as possible. 


I want people to take action – and making people pay for this content would mean less people would see it.


Secondly, I want your e-mail.


Yes, I said it… I bet you knew that anyway.


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It all really stems from the first reason.


The more people I reach, the more likely it is that the information will be used.


All you need to do to receive the free e-book is to sign up to our (non-spammy and very worthwhile) Hero and Villain Style mailing list.


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There’s not much more to say:

It’s time to start your journey.