The 6 Benefits of Perfume (That Justify Fragrance)
The 6 Benefits of Perfume (That Justify Fragrance)

So, you know why you should become stylish.

It’s obvious if you think about it.

You become more confident, respected and attractive in every sense.

But when it comes to fragrance, some of even the most stylish people scoff.

For a long time, I was partially with them.

I have never been a ‘frag head’, as they are called; a small group of people who have a brewery of potions stashed away in a cabinet somewhere in their possession.

But I do appreciate the power that my small selection of fragrances holds.

In this article, I will cover just what that power is, and explain the big 6 benefits of wearing perfume.


The Fast Track Benefits of Perfume:


The most sought after of the benefits of perfume; it makes you ‘more attractive’

Okay, I can’t tip toe around this one.

When it comes to the benefits of perfume, you can’t ignore attraction.

It is basically the reason why 95% of people venture into fragrances in the first place.

And there is surprisingly some scientific (and of course some non-scientific) basis around this.

Let’s start with the non-scientific.

All in all, it just smells nice

Certain ingredients react with your skin to give off a really appealing smell.

It’s that simple.

It’s like how a room with a scented candle will be more instinctively appealing than a room without one.

A scented candle.
A room with a scented candle will be more attractive than one without.

Now for the slightly more scientifically based explanation.

The idea of pheromones states that people are attracted to certain others because of the pheromones they give off.

These pheromones are described as “chemical substances produced and released into the environment by an animal, affecting the behaviour or physiology of others of its species.”

In humans, this is thought to partially guide sexual selection.

It is theorised that we subconsciously gauge pheromones to identify whether a mate will pass on favourable traits to their potential offspring. (See, I told you with was ‘slightly’ scientific based…)

But just how this occurs, and the specific details and circumstances surrounding this idea, have yet to be concretely determined.

Probably the most famous case of this being used in fragrances is with Steve McQueen’s signature scent, the classic Dior Eau Sauvage.

Dior Eu Sauvage has one of the benefits of perfume.
Dior Eu Sauvage.

The fragrance includes ‘hedione’, which is through to stimulate activity in a female’s hypothalamus, which promotes secretion of sex hormones.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to tell if this is true – there is a lot of pseudo-science out there, and I wouldn’t put it past fragrance companies to spread misinformation to try and sell more product.

But combine this with Roberts et al (2009) who found that women physically judge men as more attractive if they are wearing a fragrance, even if they were only watching them on a TV, and you might be looking at some sort of truth.

Furthermore, it also signals that you care about your personal hygiene.

And I haven’t met anyone who isn’t turned off by bad breath, dirty nails, or food between teeth.

One of the benefits of perfume is that it signals better hygiene
It signals you care about your hygiene.


It Makes You More Confident

Haters, I hear you, “you’re just being silly now”.

Well, some of these benefits of perfume greatly depend on the person, and this is no exception.

Herz (2003) found that 9/10 surveyed women reported feeling ‘more confident’ when they wore fragrance compared to when they did not.

Yes, this was a self-report study, so the findings have their problems.

But the study concluded that the feelings of self-confidence created by wearing fragrance alters the wearer’s behaviour.

Confident man.
You radiate confidence.

Knowing this explains the previously stated Robers et al, who found that women judge men more attractive when wearing fragrance.

Even though the women couldn’t smell the men, they must have been acting more confident on the TV screens as a result of the perfume.

And as we know, there’s nothing more attractive than confidence.

Smelling the pleasant aroma will remind you that you’re the man – you have put in the effort to put yourself first.

In having a constant reminder of this, of course you’re going to be more confident.


You’re More Memorable

People remember me by my whacky Polish surname.

But what if your surname is Smith?

Box of polaroid photographs.
You will be more memorable.

Well, smell is the sense that is linked most strongly with memory.

We all forget exactly what images we see, or what sounds we hear – but when we smell something, it takes us right back to the moment.

And that is exactly why you should wear a fragrance.

By wearing a fragrance, especially one that not a lot of other people are, you will be creating strong, unique sensory connections with everyone you come across.

Not only when they smell it will they be reminded of you, but it will also make you more memorable, just for the fact that a lot of people don’t bother with fragrance and smell like nothing… or even worse – bad.


You Become More Interesting

Interest is cultivated by depth.

Fragrance adds an extra depth to your character – choose the right one, and it can be a perfect extension of your personality and solidify your identity.

an interested meerkat.
An interested meerkat.


You Can Become the Boss

So you have a vision of that guy.

Super tailored suit.

Bad ass shades.

Perfect hair.

But what does he smell like?

Probably not bad, maybe like nothing – but most probably good.

Boss man with arms crossed. One of the benefits of perfume is that you can become this.
The boss man.

When you venture into fragrances, you unlock the ability to become ‘that guy’.

You’ve maximised the potential impact that you can make without opening your mouth, and you always put your best foot forward.


Better First Impressions

This benefit of perfume really ties all of the previously mentioned together into a nice bundle.

As you already know, a benefit of being a man of style is that you create great first impressions.

By bringing in fragrance, you are taking this to the next level.

Two hands shaking.
You will be able to crush any first impression.

Not only will they visually see that you’re competent and have personal respect to care about your image, but you’ll be more attractive to them, come off as more confident, be more memorable and interesting and finally radiate alpha male qualities.

Is this all achievable without fragrance?


But seeking out and buying a proper fragrance is really one of the final steps in solidifying your image.


Conclusion – Benefits of Perfume

So now you know the 6 main benefits of perfume.

There were probably more than you think.

Find the right fragrance, and I assure you that with time, it will become part of your identity.

Not only will people have something additional to remember you by, but you will take your place as ‘that guy’.