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You are currently viewing Anakin Skywalker Hair and HOW to Get It (2022)

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Anakin Skywalker is the chosen one.

Add to that the fact that he’s a General for the republic alliance, and that makes him one of the main players in the Star Wars universe during the Clone Wars.

However, despite his midichlorian aptitude, many are mesmerised by Anakin Skywalker’s hairstyles.

This article will cover Anakin Skywalker’s main haircuts, and will propose instructions on how to get them.

This is where the fun begins.




Anakin Skywalker’s Long Hair

  • Name: Episode 3 Long Hair
  • Shine: Low
  • Hold: Low
  • Length: Long
  • Formality: Low
  • Key Elements: The length, the waviness and texture, and the slight parting on the right.
  • Hair Type of Original Inspiration: Hayden Christensen looks to have medium to thick hair.
  • Essential Recommended Product: Sacha Dwhan sea salt spray.


Anakin hates sand. But, unfortunately, his most renowned hairstyle is long – very long – and could potentially pick some up.

This hairstyle is present throughout episode 3, and is a precursor to Anakin losing control and turning to the dark side.

The length makes it difficult for there to be any substantial hold, so it’s a low hold hairstyle. Similarly, it has a low shine, which is advantageous, as super long hairstyles like this tend to look best with a natural appearance.

However, if you’re looking for it, the longest hairstyle that I feel looks good with a shinier and wetter look is John Wicks’s slicked back hair (which, I may, or may not have written an awesome article about!)


Anakin Skywalker in episode three


Additionally, the hair has clear texture and grip to it, which turns it from a potentially feminine-esque longer style, especially if it was super straight, to something that looks more at home on a warrior, like Anakin.

To finish it off, Anakin has a slight side parting on the right.

However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you attempt this hairstyle. It’s very easy to look at it and imagine it looking great on you, but in 90% of the cases when I see long hair like this on a man, it looks unkept, greasy, and gross.

This could just be because most guys who let their hair get to this length have no regard for their personal style or cleanliness, and if someone intentionally grew this out, who was more proactive on it’s upkeep, it could be pulled off, but, none the less, it would still be risky.

This is especially true as it will take a lot of effort to maintain, and time to grow out, and isn’t appropriate for formal situations, in the form that Anakin is wearing it.

And, you have to remember that they had professional hairstylists constantly re-touching Hayden’s hair throughout production, which I assume you won’t have on a day to day basis (if you do, I envy you).


How to get The Look

The Cut

If you’re going to take the plunge and go for it, you’re going to need to grow out some serious length for this hairstyle, of about 5 – 6″ on the top and sides, and about 6 – 7″ at the back.

When you achieve this, visit your barber and ask them to:

  • Keep the front sides shorter.
  • Leave the back longer.
  • Graduate down between the sides and back, to produce a slant.
  • Not thin your hair out (on their recommendation)

If in doubt, this is a great video from TheSalonGuy which shows you how to achieve the hairstyle:



And, as always, I highly recommend that you take a photo with you to make it 100% clear what you’re after.


The Styling

This hairstyle of Anakin’s is not structured, so doesn’t require much styling.

However, if you need to replicate some of the texture in his hair, you may want to:

  1. Dampen your hair.
  2. Apply a sea salt spray to your damp hair.
  3. Blow dry the dampened hair in the direction of Anakin’s hair (back and the sides and back, and across the front), to try and lock in the direction.
  4. After your hair is dry, spray a grippy texturizing spray sporadically to your hair, to enhance the texture, and run your fingers through your hair to distribute the spray, and create the grip.
  5. Part your hair slightly, on the right.


Recommended Products For This Look

As mentioned, you’ll likely be able to create some of the same crazy texture that Anakin has here with a good sea salt spray, such as Sacha Juan’s Ocean Mist, and if you’re really struggling (like I probably would be), I can recommend a texturing spray, like my favourite from Kristin Ess.


heroandvillainstyle.com may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post via affiliate partnerships.


Anakin’s Clone Wars Hairstyle

  • Name: Anakin’s Medium Length Intermediate Messy Side Part.
  • Shine: Medium
  • Hold: Low to medium.
  • Length: Medium
  • Formality: Medium
  • Key Elements: The length at the back and sides.
  • Essential Recommended Product: No product.


Anakin Skywalker clone wars hair


Anakin’s hair for the majority of the Clone Wars TV show sits between his Padawan braids from episode 2, and his long, episode 3 hairstyle (as mentioned above). Really, it just represents him growing his hair out, which will eventually achieve the longer episode 3 style (we know it’s not meant to be the longer version, as his hair becomes longer in the newest seasons, representing his episode 3 style).

This is, in my opinion, a neater, more professional, more wearable, and more achievable option compared to the longer episode 3 version.

However, it’s still potentially problematic given that, as it’s a hairstyle that has been constructed digitally, it doesn’t have to abide by the laws of… err… hairstyling, so may be difficult to emulate in some ways. That said, I think we can do a good job to get you there.


How to get the Look

The Cut

Like before, you’re going to have to grow out some length for this one.

To me, the main difference between the two is that I feel the back looks slightly shorter here.

Therefore, the length comes in at perhaps around 4 – 5″ on the top and sides, and about 5 – 6″ at the back.

So, make sure to grow your hair out to the required levels, and then visit the barber for a tidy up. During this session, the same ‘sides to back’ gradient should be maintained as with the longer episode 3 hairstyle, so ask for that with a scissor cut.

I’d also recommend that you ask them not to cut around the ears, as the photo clearly shows that the ears are overlapped, at least somewhat, by hair.


The Styling

This is still quite a flat hairstyle, with a majority of the volume just being made from the bulkiness of the hair.

Consequently, especially as it’s really just a shortened version of it, I’d just follow the same steps, and use the same products, for achieving the episode 3 hairstyle, minus the use of a grippy texturising spray.


Anakin Skywalker’s Short Hair (Padawan Learner Braids)

  • Name: Padawan Learner Braids
  • Shine: Low
  • Hold: Low
  • Length: Long braid, medium length buzz cut.
  • Formality: Low in real life.
  • Key Elements: The braid.
  • Hair Type of Original Inspiration: Hayden Christensen looks to have medium to thick hair.
  • Essential Recommended Product: No product.


Anakin Skywalker's padawan hairstyle


Throughout episode two, Anakin sports learner braids, which are customarily worn by Jedi apprentices. This style is characterised by a strand of long, grown out, braided hair on the right, with a medium length buzz cut on the rest of the hair. The overall style has a low shine and hold.

If you ask me, this is very much a ’embarrassing high school photo’ situation.



How to get the Look

The Cut

Excluding the braid, this is a medium length haircut.

Therefore, to get this Anakin Skywaker hairstyle, you will have to grow your hair out to about 1″ all round.

When you’ve grown your hair out to the required length, both at least 1″ on the top and sides, you will probably want to get a tidy up from the barber.

In this behind the scenes video where Ewan McGregor is getting his hair trimmed, the barber tells George Lucas that she is trimming on the ‘highest one’. This is usually a number 8, or 1″.

Therefore, during this tidy up, you can achieve the specific look by telling your barber to give you a buzz cut with hair clippers at setting 8, which will trim off any excess, and ensure the uniformity of the look.

Moreover, for general neatness, it’s also advantageous to ask them to cut around the ears, and cut off any awkward split ends.

If you want the braid (which, I wouldn’t recommend, but it’s up to you), you will have to leave hair growing out at that area on your head.


The Styling

It doesn’t look like Hayden Christensen has any products in his hair here.

And, in the aforementioned behind the scenes video, Ewan’s hair stood up without assistance.

Therefore, it’s likely that this Anakin Skywalker hairstyle won’t require any styling for you. However, if you have very limp, flat, hair, you may require some volumising mousse to force the hair stands to stand up. I’m personally a massive fan of Wella’s Shockwaves Volumising mousse.

However, if you left hair for the braid, below is a good video from ‘RebelJediElf’ showing you how to plat it. Alternatively, attach your braid extension.



Recommended Products For This Look


heroandvillainstyle.com may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post via affiliate partnerships.


Facial Hair

Unlike his master Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker does not sport a beard.


The Low Down…

Anakin, in my opinion, doesn’t have one hairstyle that I would consider ‘great’ for most people. However, I think, if you’re fashion forward, his more nonchalant, mid length Clone Wars hairstyle could work brilliantly for you.


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Jolly good

Judah Kohen

This looks amazing I love it 😻

Judah Kohen

I love this

Timmathy Boyle

Ha May The Force Be With You

Lucas Tavares

Hey, Brazilian here, i really want to get the episode 3 hairstyle. I’m at a phase that i really like long hair and that lenght is the perfect one for me hahaha.
I wanted to know if you think it would still look good with a super black hair ( it’s my natural hair color ), my hair is very thick but it’s a bit wavey too. If not, would you have any tips so i can get that hair color he has?