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I was recently re-watching old ‘New Who’, and thought to myself: ‘how can I dress like the Tenth Doctor’?

First appearing in 2005’s ‘The Christmas Invasion’, the 10th Doctor’s look is nothing less than iconic. Where else would you see someone rocking a trench coat, Converse Chuck Taylors and 3D glasses?

This ultimate Tenth Doctor style guide will break down how to dress like the Tenth Doctor, where you can buy similar items of clothes from, and how to get the 10th Doctor hairstyle, for your costume, or general style needs.


So without further ado, alonzy!


How to Dress Like the Tenth Doctor

Though all-in-all the 10th Doctor’s look is alternative, you may already have some of the required items in your possession.

To dress like the Tenth Doctor, you will require:

  • A two-piece chalkstriped blue or brown suit
  • Brown foot length double breasted trench coat
  • White or sky blue formal shirt
  • Converse trainers
  • Tenth Doctor tie
  • Acetate tortoiseshell glasses (or 3D glasses)
  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • Fob watch (optional)


When you put all of these together, you essentially have a ‘Tenth Doctor costume’. However, purchasing and wearing separate items, such as the converse trainers, can bring some 10th Doctor aesthetic into your wardrobe without being obvious.


10th Doctor Hair

The 10th Doctor’s hair really matches with the rest of his aesthetic and personality, and keeps in line with the messy-but-formal nature of his look.


10th Doctor Hair style.


It is neat enough that it doesn’t look un-kept, but not structured enough to be out of character for a bonkers 1000 year old time traveller.


How to Get The Tenth Doctor’s Hairstyle

Unless you’re looking to cosplay, I personally wouldn’t recommend going for the exact look, but a more modern interpretation of it. This could include a voluminous Crew / Ivy League / French cut, something like Harvey Specter has in the US legal drama suits.

However, if you’re looking to get 10th Doctor hair like it is in the show:


The Cut

To get the 10th Doctor’s haircut, you’re going to need good length everywhere. I would estimate around 3″ on the top, and 0.5-1″ on the back and sides.

When you have achieved this length and go to your barbers for a clean up, make sure they keep the length, and request for them to cut all of your hair with scissors, and to add texture to your hair.


10th Doctor Hair Styling

  1. Wet your hair and apply a volumising prestyler to it. Use a hair dryer to dry the hair, and direct it upwards. You can use a hairbrush to grab the hair and pull it up, to help the prestyler work to its maximum potential.
  2. Spread a high hold matt product, such as DaWax, evenly across your hands and fingers, and heat it up and emulsify it by rubbing your hands together.
  3. Starting from the crown of your head and pushing forwards towards your face, apply the product to your hair, so that you coat a majority of the hair strands from the root.
  4. Do the same for the sides, pushing them forwards.
  5. Finally, apply a small amount of product between your fingers and use it to pull the hair of your fringe forwards and upwards.


If done correctly, this should result in a messy look. However, due to the shorter back and sides, it is also appropriate for many situations.


For further clarity, here is a good video describing in depth another method on how to get the Tenth Doctor’s hairstyle:



10th Doctor Coat

As a classic symbol of mystery, it is easy to see why the costume designers saw this trench fit to be the official 10th Doctor coat.

This brown double-breasted coat features 4 buttons on each side, notched lapels, a single vent and comes down past the knee to foot level.


The 10th Doctor's overcoat. David Tennant walking on set.
The 10th Doctor’s oversized overcoat.


Despite many of the features of this coat abiding to classic trench coat rules, I would not recommend trying to find a coat exactly like this for daily wear.

Both the length of the jacket itself and the sleeves are too long, making wearing difficult. In addition, this throws off the wearer’s proportions.

Instead, I would opt for a beige or navy trench coat which ends at or slightly above the knee – any longer and it could make you look short and dated, and any shorter could make your look out of proportion.

This trench coat from Zara is a perfect example.


A beige Zara trench coat.
A perfect Zara trench coat substitution.


Tenth Doctor Suit

The 10th Doctor alternates between three suit colours:

  • True-blue
  • Dark burgundy/brown with blue chalk stripes
  • Navy suit with light blue chalk stripes


The suit jacket is always surprisingly well fitted, featuring tapered arms, a sliver of shirt cuff, spot on shoulders, and a correct torso fit.


The 10th Doctor's blue suit.
The 10th Doctor in a navy suit with light blue chalk stripes.


However, it is a different story with the trousers which are slightly oversized and are much too long, even for a full break.

A common idea that runs through the 10th Doctor’s style are classic pieces with a twist, and again, this applies to the details of his suits.


All of his suits include four buttons, a back belt and a flap covering the top pocket – all unusual features.


I would suggest staying away from all of the aforementioned, apart from perhaps the back belt – but good luck finding that off the rack in a shop!


Dress like the tenth doctor - belt back suit.
The Doctor’s brown suit with a belt back.


The back belt is especially advantageous for the Doctor as it allows him movement without sacrificing waist suppression, which contributes to the overall killer fit of his jacket.

This works in synergy with high arm holes on the jacket, allowing greater arm articulation.

Things to take from this:

  • When shopping for a suit, prioritise fit – it doesn’t just look better, but is also more comfortable than a baggy suit.
  • Stick to the traditional details of a suit; two buttons instead of four, and no flap over the top pocket.
  • Your trousers should be nice and tapered. Not too tight, but not too loose.
  • For a full trouser break, your trousers should end about halfway down the back of your shoe.


High Top Converse Canvas Chuck Tailors

No ‘how to dress like the Tenth Doctor’ guide would be complete without converse.

These are brilliantly stylish for casual wear, but, in my opinion, are not to be worn with a suit.


Converse high-top Chuck Taylors in off white.


But I completely understand why the 10th Doctor wears these shoes – they are comfortable and versatile (but as I have already said, NOT versatile enough for a suit).

In fact, the low top version of these are a staple of my wardrobe, and can pair with almost anything from casual to smart casual.

The best thing is that they are very easy to find, and won’t cost you the whole universe.

So, if there is one thing that I hope you take from this article, it is that I would highly recommend for you to pick up a pair of these.


What colour converse does the Tenth Doctor wear?

Many fans wonder which colours of trainers Ten wears.

Throughout his tenure, the 10th Doctor wears black, ecru and red high-top canvas Converse Chuck Tayors. All of the high tops have contrasting white rubber wear, creating visual interest and adding to a solid, boring shoe.

He wears black Chuck Taylors exclusively with a Tuxedo.


The 10th Doctor’s Stylish Accessories

Acetate Tortoise Specs

Although he is a 900 something old alien with two hearts, he still needs – or chooses to need? – spectacles.


The Doctor's acetate tortoiseshell reading glasses.
The 10th Doctor’s favourite reading glasses.


Well, they are a spectacle.


The 10th Doctor’s favourite pair of reading glasses are these rectangular dark tortoiseshell acetate frames, and legitimately increase your IQ by 100.

However, I feel a problem with these glasses is that the shape is a bit dated. I mean, the episodes are over 10 years old now.

For personal use, I would opt for something with a bit more height, which balances out the face and aids in keeping correct proportions.


3-D Glasses

I love these. But don’t wear them.



In the Idiot’s Lantern (S2E7), the Doctor sports a pair of groovy gold framed aviators.


Promo still form 'The Idiot's Lantern' S2E7.


Even though it was a call to the time period of the episode, 1953, the timeless nature of the Aviator style means it is yet another piece that you should bring into your rotation.

Unlike most other types of sunglasses, it is difficult to go wrong with Aviators, as they suit most face shapes well.

However, if you have had your face sucked off by an old lady in an old telly, it might be a bit difficult to put them on…



The 10th Doctor’s accessory game is generally sparse apart from his notable neckties, which seem to be around 8-9cm at their widest point, a classic width.


A collection of the 10th Doctor's ties.
A collection of the 10th Doctor’s ties. Custom made by TennantSuit.com.


As you can see, his ties are rather bold.

If you are a broader gentleman, you can definitely pull off the wider width. However, I would recommend to invest in more timeless patterns.


How to Dress Like the 10th Doctor in a Tuxedo

The 10th Doctor is seen in a tuxedo on three occasions during his run, in the Voyage of the Damned, The Rise of the Cybermen and the Lazarus experiment.


The 10th Doctor in a tuxedo.


As is the case with his his suits, his tuxedo jacket fits well, but, even though they are better than his suit trousers, his tuxedo trousers are still slightly baggy.

There are also other problems with this tuxedo, such as the lapel type. This tuxedo features a notched lapel; all tuxedos should feature either a peaked or shawl lapel, as they are of higher formality, and go with the dress code.

But, I am glad to say that, in all other areas, he does well.

His shirt is perfect for black tie – it features French cuffs (which take cuff-links), is pleated, has a hidden placket, and has a spread collar. Bravo!


But what do we have here? More Converse?! No!


How to Dress Like the Tenth Doctor Conclusion

Overall, the 10th Doctor’s Style fits his character to a tee.


It is classic, but quirky enough to solidify his role as a Time Lord.


A high priority is placed on functionality, which is good as it’s his job to continuously save us!

But now you know how to dress like the Tenth Doctor: use this guide to get the whole look for cosplay, or bring certain aspects of it into your wardrobe!